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So when traveling, it is fun to do something more than just sightseeing. Theme parks are good solution for that.
What theme parks first come to your mind? Of course Disneyland! And these parks are definitely not only for kids! Of course some attractions are very simple and easy, but even then, it is nice to remember the childhood. Your favourite characters, meet them on the streets and visit their worlds. So today I will share my experience from these Disney parks in Orlando, Florida, USA. This is the number one destination in the world and the most popular Disneyland in the world.

General information about Disneyland

There are 4 parks – Magical kingdom, Epcot, Animal kingdom and Hollywood studios. All parks are huge so you should spend one whole day in each of them or choose which ones you like most. In all of them they have a show at night – it can be fireworks, a 3D show, an electrical parade or so. Also going to Disneyland, have in mind that it might be crowded. The busiest season is summer and all school kids vacation time. For the forecast of the visitors visit here. If you do not have a car, the best thing is to stay at one of the Disney resorts. From there you get a free shuttle buses to all Disney parks and also you can buy a bus ticket to Universal studios. Disney world I call a Disney bubble, because it is all another world so if you want to feel full experience – live in their hotels, use their buses and services. Talking about food, yes it is very expensive so if you want to save – at least bring your own snacks. In the parks most of the food is a fast food, unless you go to the fanciest restaurants.

Magic Kingdom in Disney

This is probably the most popular one. It is famous for the princess castle and all in all princesses. When you come, make sure to take a map and plan what you want to see. Do not be surprised for the 60min waiting lines. Just be patient. 🙂 There are different kind of rides – a lot of them is just getting on a ”boat” and viewing a story, others are rollercoasters, in some you will even get wet.
Do not miss a parade – starts at 3pm, and also wishes fireworks – starts 8pm. It is truly magical.

I love Disney characters so much that everything just excited me. When you just enter it is like whole new world and Disney is greeting you already. And of course the castle. Actually inside is a restaurant and nothing so much special. Also you will find theme restaurants so you can choose your fav character place. If you want to take a picture with a character – do it when you see them, or check the times they appear next to there attraction. Because I made a mistake and did not go to take a picture with my favourite Winnie the Pooh and later he was gone. So now I will need to go back to Disney. 😀
From the rides, I loved the splash mountain, because it is a rollercoaster but a really light one, so no need to be afraid. You also get wet in the end, so its refreshing during a hot day in Florida.

And of course at night, I saw the electrical parade – same characters but with many lights on them – great view. Later the 3D show on the castle and last but not least – ”Wishes” fireworks. Disney reminds you to follow your dreams and never give up.

Hollywood studios

Another park I have chosen to visit was a Hollywood studios. Why? Because I like Star Wars and they do have many things about it. Starting from characters, finishing night fireworks that goes with Star wars music. The park itself looks older and all the decorations are not so appealing (to me). There are many shows during the day, like how they are making tricks during the movies or how are they shooting and fighting. If you love cinema, you will have what to enjoy here. The rides are fun too. I enjoyed the musical one with Aerosmith a lot. Also a sky rocket is fast but you feel great afterwards. I mean that cool, I did it.
My friends made me to go to the ”Tower of terror”. And it was a really scary place. I mean starting with decorations and finishing with the feeling afterwords. All ride is just going up and a drop, going up and a drop. (sorry for spoiling, but if you do not like these kinds of things, do not go there.)

A show that impressed me was a car show. At first I did not expect anything, like why should I? Cars.. Boring.. But they showed such a great tricks with the cars, how one is always driving backwards, how they blow the car and a driver is alive, how they are jumping and so on. All crowd was going crazy. 🙂 So do not miss it. 😉
In the evening, there are few shows. One in the front of the park, show of the characters, a short story with Mickey – worth a visit. Right after do not go home – go to the main square to see the fireworks. They are very impressive as always. Star wars music makes it even more impressive.


I have not been there, but my friends work in there. The idea is actually really cool. All park is divided into the futuristic and real world areas. In the futuristic part you will find what humans have accomplished in space industry and all in all technologies. In another part, you travel all world – there are 11 countries with local food, local people from Norway, Mexico, China, Italy and many more. Also there are some nice rides, but the park is more cultural. You can make it more alcoholic, because if you come with friends there is a game – ”Around the world”, so you have to try at least one drink from all the countries.
And of course, you will meet some of the Disney characters too – Frozen princesses in Norway, Belle in France, Snow white in Germany and many more.

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is like a big zoo, but it also has rides. There you will meet the Disney characters and enjoy shows. So all in one. You can take a safari ride, or go on a boat ride in the river of lights. Simba from Lion King is waiting for you with the real lions, tigers, giraffes, elephants and hippos. It is probably the most relaxing park, there is the most nature from all the parks.

So these were 4 parks in Disney resort Orlando, Florida. I have been in Paris one, that is great too. The concept is same as the Magic Kingdom. Same you can find in Tokyo too. Must be amazing! So go if you have a chance and you will not regret Disney experience. If you are from hospitality service – go there and learn how to give a perfect service. 🙂



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