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When you are traveling sometimes you want more experiences than just sightseeing and local food and beer right? I have some activity idea for you! In some cities you can try the hot air balloon experience. I did it in my hometown Vilnius as it is one of few capitals in Europe that it is still allowed.

Flying in a hot air balloon is an amazing experience, which you’ll remember forever. Ballooning is both serene and thrilling, offering breathtaking views and a feeling of freedom which is totally unique. I personally just had this great experience so I want to share what is the program and what You will experience in the amazing flight! The flights are arranged only during the good weather – so it is safe for You.


Before the flight:

Your adventure will begin when you arrive at the launch site to be welcomed by your experienced pilot and crew. The pilot will introduce you to hot air ballooning and give you a full safety briefing. You’ll then be invited to help with the inflation of the balloon, if you wish to. Then you will climb into the balloon basket and the journey will begin. (It is really easy – trust me)

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During the flight:

Rising smoothly towards the clouds, you’ll be surprised by how still it feels in a hot air balloon. It’s an almost motionless experience. So even I am scared of heights – it was not scary at all. 🙂 Within minutes, you’ll be cruising at several hundred meters and able to see for miles around. Have your camera ready for amazing views of the Vilnius landscape and surroundings. You’ll find there’s no noise from the wind as the balloon is traveling with it. The only thing breaking the silence will be the occasional roar of the burners. It is also very romantic so I would recommend it for couples 🙂 Also during the flight you will definitely see things that from land you wouldn’t see or wouldn’t pay attention. So it is fun to fly over your home city too to see it from different angle. After a magical hour (approx.), the pilot will find a suitable landing spot and bring the balloon in to land. Normally landing is soft so there is nothing to be afraid of. For my case we flew over my favorite lake and landed in the loan so it was fun seeing how the cars are coming to pick us up and of course the balloon 🙂

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After landing:

Still glowing from the experience, we enjoyed a glass of Champagne to toast the flight. Then we were presented with a certificate signed by the balloon pilot. Finally, the crew will return you to your launch site. Once home, you can relax, reflect and regale. You’re an airborne adventurer.


So next time you are in Vilnius or Trakai you can definitely try it. It is not the cheapest activity though – starting with 89 Eur. But trust me, in other Europe cities it will be worse. 😀 For Lithuania hot air balloon information you can find in here.


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