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Brazil has so many miles of beaches that it is hard to choose where to go. Most of them are very beautiful, with white sand, nice nature around. This time I chose the beach that was found first. When Portuguese encountered these lands, the first thing they saw was the place that nowadays we call Porto Seguro (the safe port). They described cliffs and white sandy beaches. So what do we find here today?

How to get there?

You can easily fly to Porto Seguro international airport. That is what I did. Then we got a car and drove a bit down to Trancoso area – anywhere is really beautiful. Roads are really not the best condition so it is a great idea to get an SUV or a higher car as you will find a lot of holes in the roads. Most of the roads that lead to the beach are dirt roads so keep in mind when counting the time. 6km can take 20-30 min to get there. We stayed in Trancoso and drove to different beaches every day. It can be so tiring!

How to get tired on a beach vacation?

Of course, you can do nothing and get tired of that… But here are many things to explore! First thing – this area is really expensive compared to other parts of Brazil. The system on the beach is like this: you go to the beach, pay the parking, get to use restaurant facilities if you spend some amount of money (some is 100 Rs pp, some are less) and then chill around. Dishes can go up to 200 Rs! So it’s easy to spend. If you don’t want to do that you can just bring your towel and food. Every beach is different so you can go walking to explore the surroundings, find many shells, go swimming (best time on a low tide) and of course take the sun. For tides look at their schedule at

So just walk, explore, take pictures, smile and enjoy the sunshine and warm ocean! What else do you need in your vacation?

How to avoid tourist traps?

This area is very touristy. Of course, beaches are amazing so no wonder a lot of people come. If you don’t want to spend a fortune and still enjoy the area – read this.
Most of the restaurants on the beach ask you to spend the minimum amount of money. It can be 100-150 reais or even more. And the food is expensive, most likely with that, you can buy one portion of the food. How to avoid that? Bring your own towel and just enjoy surroundings, water and so on. Also, you can walk a bit on the beach from the main entrance and you should find some restaurants with no minimum spendings.
Restaurants in the city center are also crazy. I mean 30 Eur for dinner is a lot in Europe. I bet in Brazil you thought to save some money. You can do that by booking Vila with the kitchen. In this case, you can cook something in the evenings. At least for me, a lot of food is not needed when is super hot. On the beach, you can bring snacks, get ice cream.

Of course, some days you can spoil yourself with a nice meal and cocktails. But cooking home and having your own place to sit on a beach can save you up to 100 eur! :O

Beaches that I have visited

So there are quite many beaches around and you need more than 4 days to visit them all. So from Trancoso, we went to Praia dos Nativos (the natives’ beach). It was one of my favorites because of the great waves for swimming. Not too big, not too small. The best time for swimming was low tide. I loved the small ”islands” and shallow places in the ocean. It’s great for kids as there are mini pools that are even warmer than the ocean. Beach is quite big, there are some restaurants. There was no minimum to spend so you can get anything and use their infrastructure.

Praia dos Coqueiros

The beach is inside the city. You can even walk there. Beautiful nice sand. You can literally walk to the beach of Rio Verde. All that area is nice for swimming. There are many restaurants that also did not ask to pay the minimum. And the prices were more friendly.

Rio da Barra beach


It is a bit north of Trancoso. Roads are horrible but totally worth it. This beach is kinda private so you need to pay for parking and most likely a minimum of 100 in a restaurant. We were on a cloudy and rainy day so they did not charge us and were happy we came at all. Surrounding is amazing. The river is making a nice path on a beach, you can see Mange (trees on water) and how the river meets the ocean. On a high tide, you can rent SUP or canoe to enjoy the river waters.

Praia do Espelho ( the mirror beach)

If you want to see water making the mirror effect you need to come on a low tide. Then the water is very shallow and you can see the clear blue waters. Even if you come during the high tide is a beautiful beach. For swimming you should be careful as there are a lot of reefs that feels like rocks. You don’t want to fall on them! But if you go along the beach you will find a lot of peaces of corals and beautiful stones. Nice thing to bring as a memory. 🙂


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