Best destinations for 2017


One year has passed but travellers never stop travelling. So what next year will bring to us? Time to start planing the trips. Here are some ideas for all of us.
Here I have chosen best of best destination of what lonely planet is suggesting.

Top 3 best countries

Finland – 100 years of independence

As I am living here I can not skip this one. and especially that next year is 100 years of independence and that means many events. Finland fought over by Russia and Sweden for 800 years and finally gained independence in 1917. The Finns will celebrate their centenary with gusto, with events planned in every region. Expect everything from al fresco concerts and communal culinary experiences to sauna evenings and vintage-travel-poster exhibitions. There’s even a new national park, an 11,000-hectare chunk of land in Hossa, studded with pine forests and crisscrossed with rivers. With the country also playing host to the World Figure Skating Championships and the Nordic World Ski Championships this year, there’s never been a better time to discover Finland’s proudly unique culture and landscapes.

Dominica Republic – see it while it is still natural

Locals joke that if Christopher Columbus rose from the grave and returned to the Caribbean, Dominica is the only island he would still recognise. One glimpse of its prehistoric ferns and deserted shores, and you’ll see what they mean. For decades, an absence of shiny white beaches has helped keep at bay the resort development that has swept through other parts of the Caribbean. Coconut palms are the only skyscrapers you’ll see here. Visit before Dominica gets its first large-scale chain resorts in 2018, which will pave the way for a new era of tourism. It is good to see what the country really looks like and not full of international people. For us from north it is a great destination to run from the winter.

Canada – cheaper than ever

At least for me Canada is a country that you can visit whenever you want and you will still find it amazing. Bolstered by the wave of positivity unleashed by its energetic new leader Justin Trudeau, and with dynamic cities that dominate global livability indices and a reputation for inclusiveness and impeccable politeness, the world’s second-largest country will usher in its sesquicentennial in 2017 in rollicking good health. Marking 150 years since confederation, the elongated birthday party promises to be heavy on bonhomie and highly welcoming to international gatecrashers. And, with a weak Canadian dollar pushing down prices, the overseas visitor should have plenty of pocket money to spend on Canada’s exciting fusion food and mysteriously underrated wine. So it is cheaper than even and many events will take place during 2017 – perfect timing.

Top 3 best value

Nepal – still cheap and beautiful

Nepal is bouncing back from earthquakes and a fuel strike that made getting round the country tough. It remains a fabulous choice for budget-conscious travellers, who can access the best of its world-famous trekking routes and underrated wildlife for well south of US$50 a day. Visitor numbers are slowly recovering and the time is ripe to get back to Nepal’s mighty mountains; wherever you go, you’ll receive a warm welcome, as your visit brings much-needed income to communities getting back on their feet. So you will enjoy beautiful nature, warm people and happy wallet.

Debrecen – undiscovered Hungary

Hiding in plain sight beyond Budapest is Debrecen, the country’s second-largest city and the heart of low-cost Hungary. Now connected by Europe’s budget-airline (wizzair) network to seven countries, the city is opening up to international visitors. Debrecen is rich in history, but more modern influences have prompted a growing modern-art scene and streets that come alive with summer festivals. What really sets Debrecen apart is its location on the edge of Hungary’s puszta (eastern plains). The haunt of Hungarian cowboys and home to Hortobágy National Park, the region still dominates romantic visions of traditional Hungary. Hungary itself is a very interesting country and surprisingly cheap. So if you have already been in Budapest it is a great time to explore more.

Morocco – exotic that is close

Stable, accessible and kaleidoscopic Morocco offers a low-cost, intense hit of the exotic. There simply isn’t anywhere this close to (and easy to visit from) Western Europe that remains so thrillingly at odds with that continent. Marrakesh, still unmissable, has more accommodation choices than ever before, and despite the crowds retains its timeless mix of the frenetic and the friendly. Essaouira, once an add-on to a trip to Marrakesh, can now be reached by direct flights from London and Paris. The port city of Tangier is also enjoying a renaissance, with new hotels and renovations throughout the once-dilapidated old town. So it is great if you want something exotic, but you do not want to go too far or spend too much.


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