Best tips to make your Erasmus time an unforgettable experience


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So it is time for you to go on another adventure – studying abroad with Erasmus program (or any other). What should you do before and during that time so it would stay as a best memory?

  1. Arrange accommodation and money things before going. It is very important to plan your expenses, if you are getting a scholarship, or you have savings or parents helping you. Also it is important to already have a place to live. Otherwise first days might be very stressful as it is not so easy to find a room or flat or a dorm for only few months. Also take care of other paperwork that is needed.
  2. Get an ISIC card (international student identification card) – student card that you can use many discounts while traveling. Also before going join local FB groups, read about the city you are going to. Information is very important!
  3. Plan your trip and pack carefully. Yes you are going for a long time but probably you are not going to jungle where you can not buy anything. And as a girl I can say that to buy new things in a foreign country is also very fun thing to do. So just take essential things and the rest you can buy in there.
  4. How not to be homesick? Take some home with you! Pictures, cute little things and so on will definitely fit in your suitcase and it will make you smile during your stay 😉
  5. How can I leave everything behind for half a year? Without leaving you will not find new horizons. And while you are away you can keep in touch so easily with Facebook, calls and other communication apps. Worst case you are not going so far so your parents and friends can visit you! Now this is your time to explore the world and yourself 😉
  6. During your stay do not lock yourself in the room! Be active and enjoy all the chances your Erasmus is giving. Meet people from Uni, from Erasmus Facebook groups, check what is going on in the city, with your university activities and so on. Take all the chances and promise yourself to do as many things that you haven’t done as possible. When if not now?
  7. Explore the city and surroundings. Maybe you will never have a chance to go to the same place again so as you are there for few months you can use a chance. Travel with new friends or alone and meet new friends there. Go to try local cuisine and local drinks – another way to hang out with new people.
  8. Learn a foreign language. Being abroad and do not understanding the local language might be very challenging. Go to a course to learn at least basics so you can feel better in the shops and local parties. New language will improve your memory, help you to feel better and probably will help you in a future too. If it is not the main languages like German, French or Spanish imagine how cool will be to say that you know basic Lithuanian or Finnish or Hungarian?
  9. Don’t be shy to ask. For help in University, or with the studies, ask where is the next party, best restaurant, best club or anything you want to know. People tend to help Erasmus students and all in all foreigners in their city 😉
  10. Prepare yourself for a depression after you go home. Almost everyone will agree with me that going back home might be more difficult that to leave it. Most of the time Erasmus is the first time you go from home for so long. And you change. Trust me you do, so home will never look the same because you are different now. And you have to deal with it. Basically do the same as in a new country – keep yourself busy, meet your old friends and try to be happy that it all happened and do not be sad that it is over. You will need some months to cover but is it fine. Time will heal it.

I hope these tips will help in your future experiences!
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