Bratislava in November  – can be a lot of fun!


It is easy to visit Bratislava if you are in Vienna, Budapest or even Prague – everything is so close! We took a Flixbus from Budapest – journey was fast and comfortable.

Sadly we arrived 3days earlier than Christmas markets opened but it was fine. Still many things to do.

Bratislava city has a lot of cute statues for example ‘’The worker’’ or ‘’A man with Cylinder.

First night Pub Crawl

Funny thing – as I am doing pub crawls in Vilnius, I never done a Pub crawl abroad. So we decided to try. And I would recommend doing it if you want to meet people, talk with locals about life and of course if you want to party. But its good to join even for just few drinks and don’t get wasted.

So we were just 6 but that made us be always together, feel like a group of friends. Crawl was made nicely as first bar you get unlimited beer so everyone gets relaxed and easy. After some time a water gun was brought, but no one got shot in the heart – only in the stomach with the redbull Vodka. Funny way to give a shot – that is for sure. After that we went to a local Karaoke bar where we met more locals singing Slovak songs. First time  I was singing and it was a lot of fun! Of course, no judgement helps to relax and enjoy the time. Evening ended in a bar/club where we got to dance. Even you are not a dance person – everyone dances during the pub crawl. 😀 I think most of the crawls goes like this so don’t be shy and join some during your next trip – this is an experience.

Exploring Bratislava

Next morning after breakfast with the view of the castle we decided to visit it. There are few paths up and it is not that hard as it can look like. On the way up you can enjoy beautiful panorama of the old town. We did not go to the castle itself, I was not even sure if it is opened. But views of the castle and from it are definitely worth the climb. easy to find a spot for ‘’lunch with the views’’ as we got some sandwiches.

For lunch we got to this pancake place called ‘’Mr Cakes’’ or in Slovak – Pan Cake and it was great! For 2.80 you can get salty or sweet crepes and for another 1.60 a tasty coffee.
Another interesting pub we found was a KGB pub! So you can see how they got over the past and can do business out of it. In Lithuania you will not find anything like that any time soon.. Red flags, pictures, posters from soviet times really brings the feeling and atmosphere of old times.

You should also try some local food like Bryndzové halušky – potato dumplings with sheep cheese and roasted bacon – soo good!

So take 2-3 days to visit the city and some months to live it and know it very well. 🙂


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