Can Crete be out of the beaten path?


Of course it can! Even though every year some millions of tourists come to Crete it is still possible to find not so much visited place. Every place had its hidden corners! You just need to be willing to look for them.

I can share small things that I have found in Crete myself. 🙂

First of all – historical sites that are not so popular but still very interesting! Go visit Aptera and have lunch in the city of Aptera! The cretan corner is amazing place with great view. 4 people overate and drank wine for 30eur. If no wine and not overeating it would be cheaper – but food looked so great! In Aptera there is also a fortress that is renovated. When we went there – no one! Everything just for us to enjoy.


Rent a car and drive to the southern part of the island. That is the place where you can find hidden beaches. Or at least wild with really few tourists. Enjoy some sun and warm Libyan sea. I mean you can find sheeps and goats in there! Obviously it is not super touristic. 😀


Go for a hike in a less touristic gorges or just up to the mountain! Crete is very hilly so or you can go down to canyon or up to the mountains. You choose what you like the best. And before going – check some info about that. I went to a Mili gorge.

Also, we used our car to find small tavernas in villages in the mountains. So I think this is more fun to go to them randomly so you will feel like you found something. Not that someone told you to go there. I just encourage you to be brave and try new things, leave the main roads and the main sights – that is when real experience comes.


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