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Preparation for a budget weekend in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a great city. I have heard about it for many times, but never went before as it was very expensive. And still is. But at least we have really cheap flights from Kaunas (middle of Lithuania) to Copenhagen. A direct flight with Ryanair that can be 20 Eur round trip. Then You kind of have a space for other expenses. Another thing why people go there is Christiania. An independent republic inside the city, or just an area where drugs are legal, you can do whatever you want. I do not doubt this kind of place is famous. And for me it was another capital, another country that I haven‘t been and wanted to see it. So when I saw a cheap tickets I asked my friend to join me. It was another spontaneous decision and a really short trip same as Latvia trip this summer.We decided to go just for a weekend so I was looking for Couch surfers as hotels are just crazy expensive. And I really got some problems finding a host, it took me so much longer than normally – at least 2 weeks. So leave some time before the trip to find accommodation. Or save a lot for a hotel. But I got a nice host that was living not too far away from city center. So as we are all set –  the trip begins.

What can you do in Copenhagen in one day

Our trip started with an early flight. So when we got to our host first thing to do was to go to sleep. A 2 hour nap was the thing that saved the trip. From my experiences it helps a lot of times.
So after the nap we were running to a walking tour. And it was all destiny.  I have booked a tour before, but I had a really bad time choosing which company is better. It turned out that when we came to town hall some guy came. He asked if we wanna join the tour so that is how we ended up with our Viking guide from green umbrella team – Magnus. He was amazing. I think after this tour I decided that I want to do this job. (and I am doing it 🙂 ) During the tour you learn the history, laugh a lot, find out the best places to go after the tour and just get impression about the city in just few hours. Also you visit all the royal palaces, Carlsberg house so some information about beer history and other must do spots so after you just fill in the map with checks.

Free tour copenhagen copenhagen
So after the tour we went to see the symbol of Copenhagen – the mermaid. When we got there I realized why it is not included in the tour and normally people do not recommend to go there – small and with many tourists around. But check is check. It is a little bit further from city center so if you are only one day I would skip it. Even though next to it is a nice park, sea, so it is great to have a walk.

Mermaid church_copenhagen
Another must do thing is to go to the tower of Christiansborg. It is free and the view is amazing 🙂 So that is what we did after the tour. Normally you have to wait in a line but it is definitely worth it.
Also visited a marble church – I really felt like in Rome! It is truly beautiful from outside and inside.
And of course we went to Christiania – an independent republic inside the city. It is all about drugs, so you can not even take a pictures, a smell of weed is all around and I am pretty sure you can get anything in there. But we didn’t try. When we entered through the arch it felt like another world – as most of the buildings are self made, many tourists. But still, I wouldn’t come here alone at night. Also in Christiania there is a nice park to walk around, during a good weather I do not doubt it is full of people using what they have bought in this republic. All in all, a must do thing while being in Christiania because it is really different.

Copenhagen_christiania Copenhaga_christiania Copenhaga_christiania2
Close to there is a Christianshaven – reminds me of Amsterdam – many canals, bikes, nice buildings next to the water, really calm. There is a Our Savior church that looks great and also there is a chance to go up and see panorama, just do not be late and came earlier than 5 pm.
If you get tired during the tour there is a great cheap option – for us it was free as we had a public transport card for that day. There are water buses – so you sit on a boat and it goes thru the main canal. You can see many objects like opera, old town, christianshaven side, other ships in the canal. Really great thing to do during a rainy day, or when you got tired after 6 h of walking – just like we did.

Copenhagen3 Canal_copenhagen
Another thing to do on a rainy day or just if you like history – a national museum. It is free of charge and very interesting – try to find time for it.
My favorite place was Nyhavn – new harbor. A colorful place, many nice restaurants, great place for pictures and a chill time. There is a public bathroom, cheap and good hot dogs, perfect view.
In the evening we went to have some local beers – damn that’s expensive. But it was a great way to finish the day.
Also at home we have discussed a lot with the host about the situation in Copenhagen. How many bikes are there. That we need first infrastructure and only then people will use bikes as much as here. Not another way round.
I didn’t really tried the local cuisine – but that’s what happens when you are on a low budget.

Things to know before going to Copenhagen

First, check the weather, I went there on March so it wasn’t really warm even though it is next to the sea. It was really humid too.
Have some cash for the first trip from airport, I do not know why but they didn’t accept my friend‘s card so just better be sure to have some extra cash. As they use crowns – you can change them in the airport or in a bank in your country.
Another thing – it is expensive. Try to take some food from home if you are on a budget travel and your baggage allow you to do that. Take the free tour – so you do not spend much and get to know a lot about the city.
Go to free objects – national museum, national gallery, the Christiansborg palace for panorama, picnics in the park, walk around Christiania.
There is an useful website to check how much more expensive is one or another city – you can check it here. The comparison of Vilnius and Copenhagen.

All in all, Copenhagen left me a great impression – really great city to live if you find a good job. Or actually any job, because salaries are high – average is around 2500 Eur/month. It is a very clean city, everyone uses bikes, a lot of water, historical buildings – you really feel like you are in a kingdom, with all these royal palace and parks. I will definitely come back there during the summer and I will tell you how was it then 😉


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