The crazy Las Vegas can be not so crazy too!


Las Vegas is often called a ”Sin city” as a lot of people come here to party, gable and do things they don’t do at home. It’s amazing as it was build in the dessert and got a great success! Maybe there are more things to do than gamble and get wasted that much that you just don’t remember what happened? Of course there are!

What to wear in Vegas?

First thing that comes to my mind is a fancy dress, high heels and a lot of make up. But it does not have to be like that! (Even though it can and you will see people like that for sure) If you are there because you are on the way to explore Grand Canyon and not to hope win a fortune then you can wear whatever you like! And anyway it is fun to walk around and see whats going on in this city that never sleeps.


Things to do if not gamble and get wasted

You can always go sightseeing! I mean those hotels like Belagio are amazing! Fountain show, all the lights, little paris and egypt are impossible to skip. Feel the luxury around you.

You can always go shopping! There are many shopping malls in the city. And there are outlets for a great deals – easier to reach if you have a car. 🙂 Sometimes best souvenir can be a new dress. 🙂

Go to the event or concert. In Las Vegas there are many concerts going on. Definitely bigger chance to see one of the big stars as Beyonce than in my own small country Lithuania. Just google before you go if there are concerts on the days you are there.

Stay in a fancy hotel and feel the luxury you can not in other cities such as NYC. Here, for a 5* hotel you might pay as little as 50 dol when in NYC for this price you get a hostel… The idea is that you pay cheap for a hotel and then gamble the money in casino. But no one is making you to do that! If you are smart enough you can just enjoy cheap accommodation. Thing to mind: if you stay in a resort they will have a city tax fee of 20-40 USD.

Go to Spa – treat yourself. Especially if you are on a longer trip you might need some relaxation. I always end up in Vegas just because I am on a road trip visiting national parks. And trust me – hikes, driving every day makes you tired. So why not spoil yourself a bit? 🙂

Some hotels are really worth the value. Another thing – when booking prices will change according to the day. On Saturday night it might be 150 dol and on Sunday only 50 dol. So if you want to avoid craziness and high prices – avoid weekends. Another thing to have in mind – most of the hotels put this extra CITY TAX that can make the price double! So be careful and don’t fall to that trap. In the end – this city is made to take as much money from you as possible.

Places to eat

If you go to just a random restaurant it can look expensive as there are many high class places in Vegas. But for a great price/value deal I suggest buffets! All you can eat places are amazing if you want to try many things for a little bit. The choice of buffets in Vegas is kind of big. The ones I would definitely go are ”Le Village Buffet”, ”The cravings’‘ or ”Garden court buffet”. They are all located on the Strip so easy to walk from your hotel. Le village buffet is with a French twist. Dinner would cost you 30.99 dol, but with that you can try some nice seafood, fresh thin crepes, macarons (!) and other things.
The cravings buffet should be your choice if you want to pre – drink before going out and also be with full belly during the evening and night. Why so? Cause in a buffet price of 31 dol free beer and wine is included! Of course it’s not the most expensive one but it does the trick right? In buffet you can find American, Asian, South American cuisines also wide range of cheese and meat that goes great with wine or beer.
If you really want to go budget – Garden court buffet is for you as you can eat all you want from 10 dol! If you go for dinner it will be 13 dol. You need to get a free membership card they have that will save you some dollars. Food is mostly American but you can also find sea food, a lot of desserts and other things.

So I think knowing these places you really won’t be hungry while in Vegas. 🙂

Hotels that I like

If you love Disney and its castle – this hotel might be for you as it looks like the castle! Excalibur is only 3* but feels like 4*! The complex is huge, it has pools, slides, casino, restaurant and a damn castle. 😀 And here comes the city tax so check the end price carefully! I mean – always do. 🙂

This Stratosphere hotel looks great. Even though it’s a bit further from the Strip, but the view from the restaurant is amazing.

The D hotel is right in the downtown. I have stayed there with my friends and it was really nice and cheap! Close to party areas, casino in the first floor and so on.  (again, price depends on your dates)

If you have any other topics you want me to cover – please leave the comments!


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