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There are many ways of traveling but taking a cruise is one of the most fun ones. I mean you can party, enjoy your time, sleep comfortably in a ship and meanwhile you are traveling. 🙂 November is definitely not a high season in cruising in Baltic sea and that is why it is easy to get a good deal! If you are four people it can go as cheap as to 5eur per person and if you are 2 – 10 eur per person. Not such a big deal right. 🙂

What to expect from a cruise in a Baltic sea to Stockholm?

So I have taken a cruise from Riga to Stockholm and from Helsinki to Stockholm – both are similar boats and similar things to do. It is more a ferry than a real big cruise with all included. Here, tickets are cheap but only the cabin is included. Food and drinks in the restaurants are not the cheapest – around 20eur per meal and around 8-9 per drink. Of course, there is a duty free market where you can buy things for good prices.

So if you want to just chill during your trip you can just stay in your cabin and watch movies. Or go to the pool and sauna or even get a massage.

If you want to party – you can pre-drink in your cabin and then go to pubs and restaurants in the public areas. When is a low season – not so many people are in clubs and pubs so feels a bit weird. But if you travel with a group of friends then you can just occupy all the dance floor.

Of course there is a casino but I am not a big fan of that so not many comments about it.

How to plan time and what to do in Stockholm?

During the cruise you can do your research what you want to do, what are your priorities and most important – how to get to the city from the terminal? If you arrive from Riga – you might want to take a public transport to city centre as is a bit far. From the one that arrives from Helsinki is like 20min walk so it is not far at all.

Stockholm is rich with many things to do – parks, museums, churches, palaces, restaurants and so on. Impossible to do it all in just 6-7 hours that cruise is standing in a port.

This time I have chosen to visit old town and Vasa ship museum – such a good choice! More about Vasa ship. But for example we did not even got hungry during the day as it was very intense.

But whatever you plan, I would highly recommend to visit the old town with its narrow cosy streets, beautiful churches and royal buildings.

Then even you stay in Stockholm only one day, you will feel like you really visited the royal kings city.


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