Dubrovnik – a place for history and game of thrones lovers


Dubrovnik is very popular destination. So expect a lot of people even during a low season. I am even afraid to think how packed must be the city during peak times.. If you are planning to go during the summer – be ready to wake up early and get there before the crowds and heat comes in.

A drive from Montenegro

If you are in Montenegro – it is really easy to do a 1 – 2 days trip to Dubrovnik. Same another way round. If staying in Dubrovnik – take a car or bus and go to Kotor – it is totally worth it! Especially to run from the crowds.

Roads are not the widest so take that into account and give yourself some time to drive and enjoy the views.

Can I really see Game of Throne scenes?

Yes! You can! Of course a lot was done with computer graphics but some places you can still find. Nowadays there are many guided tours to those places or you can just follow this website guidance – . I managed to find most of them and it was really nice! As not many people were around you could feel the atmosphere. Here are some pictures. Do you recognise the places?

My 2 days in Dubrovnik

On the way it was pouring rain! I thought we will not be able to leave the car. But oh surprise, when we arrived rain stopped. We got the vila Dart next to the main road, left the car and started to walk to the old town. Dubrovnik itself is hilly and old town is on the bottom. So if you are on a budget and do not stay inside the walls then prepare to walk a bit. Once you are inside the walls you will find numerous restaurants, shops, hotels and just apartment houses! Enjoy the small streets that behind every corner you can get surprised. To see the view of all of it you can go on the walls. It costs 150 Kuna (aprox 20eur) in 2017 Dec. I would say it is more worth going on top during the summer, when it is not so windy and cold. On the other hand it will be very busy.

Most of the time in the old town was about looking for Game of Throne places, you can see pics above. 🙂

As we were on a budget we found really nice, cheap and local place to eat in the old town. It is cold Presa  and it is like 1 min from the main street. But I could not find cheaper and more tasty food. They have traditional things too. We went there for breakfast pancakes and it was amazing!

I hope to come back there during the summer too! Enjoy your travels and let me know how was your trip!


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