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In the first part you found out about how the life in Erasmus looks like. Time for some stories about trips! ✈️️✈️️✈️️

Week in Barcelona

At least for us, Bremen was a great strategical point to travel – Ryanair destinations. That is why we ended up in Barcelona for 40 Eur round trip. A week full of action, visiting places, going to Montserrat monastery, beaches around Barcelona. Meeting people from Couch surfing and trying local food and sangria.

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Trip to capital – Berlin

Another trip was organised by University – weekend in Berlin. Imagine 45 Erasmus students going by bus to Berlin. It was crazy 😀 But so much fun. University organised a scavenger hunt in Berlin so we would know the city, also we had an excursion in the city. And of course it all ended up with the party. We started in a hotel room, then the security came and instead of saying hey, go to your rooms, they gave us a private hall downstairs. We really appreciated that. 🙂 And later on we went to a club but it wasn’t anything special. The special were people, 40 people singing in the metro is something to remember ;D

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Trip to south – Munich

Another trip with friends was to Munich. There was a football championship final. Bayern Munich and Chelsea. We weren’t planning to go but 2 days before the game my friend Auguste met a guy that his cousin was living there and we could stay at his place. This was a first couch-surfing experience for us. To go to Munich is far and expensive so we used this car sharing website and got an Estonian couple getting us to Munich. It is an amazing city. And during the championship it was extremely busy, but a great experience. If you are even in south of Germany you can not miss a Neuschwanstein castle! It was my dream castle since a childhood so to go there and make my dreams come true felt really great. If you go there take time to do a hike in there – beautiful nature 🙂 If you want to go to the castle you better book it before as the line is just huge.

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Saying goodbye

In the end it started to be so much fun that it was extremely sad to say goodbye to new friends from all over the world. Of course we said we will keep in touch but sometimes it is just too difficult. Of course during this time that passed I met few friends after 2, 3 and even 4 years so it feels really good. 🙂

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But the first month going back – it is a disaster. At least I felt really bad first few weeks because everything is still the same but you are not. You have changed and you realise it only after some time. With time it gets better. My healing was to join ESN (Erasmus student network) in Lithuania and be a mentor for exchange students in Lithuania, going to different projects and keeping myself busy. 🙂

I hope my story encourage you to travel and try Erasmus program for your studies abroad. It is a great and fast way to learn life lessons that will help you in your future. 🙂
Best tips for your future Erasmus semester you can find in here. If you have any ideas – don’t be shy and share them in comments. 😉
Enjoy your experiences!


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