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One of the way to travel, learn, broaden your mind and have a great time is an Erasmus+ programs. It has helped more than 3 million students from all over the world to gain new experiences, study or do their internship abroad, get trained after university and many other things. It is sponsored by EU and the main purposes are to reduce unemployment, encourage young people to participate in EU activities, encourage cooperation between countries. Also to encourage people to finish there studies – when you have a chance to spend half of your studies abroad I think you will not want to quit, right? 🙂
So how can YOU use this opportunity?

There are different programs to use Erasmus plus for different groups of people:

1. Students – to study abroad, to do an internship abroad, study half of the master degree abroad. My story of studying abroad.
2. Teaching opportunities for staff members – basically just go to teach abroad at any institution that has a contract with Erasmus+
3. Trainees – or internship for last year students or just after graduation. You will have a chance to gain experience. Wider experience than just a new working skills. My story of the internship.
4. Young people – volunteering or European projects. My story and European projects.
5. Youth workers – if you work with youth probably you already know that you can go for training in other organisations, but just in case I am adding it too 😉

As it is EU project there are limited countries that can participate. Basically all EU countries + Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Macedonia and Turkey. All the list you can find in here.

I was lucky enough to use these opportunities too. I did my study exchange in Bremen – best 4 months ever 😉 Also last year I went to Lanzarote for my internship in a luxury hotel. During studies I also was invited to 2 EU projects – Minorities wake up – let’s be active in Sarajevo and about fundraising in UK. Do you think I was so into the topics by that time? Not so much, but I learnt a lot and got a chance to travel for free. You have this chance too so don’t miss it 😉 If you have more questions – contact me or organisations in your country that are responsible for EU projects or just your university. 😉 Good luck! Tell us how did it go in the comments.


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