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Brussels is the capital of Belgium as it is easy to reach by plane or train from neighboring countries. It’s great to have friends in a city, but if I don’t have – I love to book local guides to get a better taste of the city. Here I will share some memories from my last trip to Brussels and also some recommendations on what to do on your next visit. Did you know that Brussels city started on an island surrounded by canals?

The main attraction in Brussels

Let’s start your tour with the celebrity of the city: Manneken Pis, the statue of the peeing boy is the most well-known sight in Brussels. Also, a perfect starting point for a walking tour. But wait, did you know that he has a family? Both girl sculpture Jeanneke Pis and dog sculpture Zinneke are following his lead since the 90s.

Don’t miss the UNESCO World Heritage Grand-Place to take a step back in time and appreciate the picturesque square. Even though it feels like there are only a few houses – if you look closer there are many of them connected. Each of the houses has a different symbol and most of them belonged to different gild and was build to show the power of each of them.

If you have time – grab a metro to the modern Atomium, representing the composition of an iron crystal, that has been the symbol of Brussels since the 1958 World Fair.

Brussels is famous for being the heart of Europe as it is the capital of the European Union with the main institutions based here. You can plan a visit to European headquarters but in order to go inside, you need to know someone working there or I would recommend exploring the museum of the EU. It’s called Parlamentarium, it’s free and very interactive!

Where and What to eat in Brussels

Brussels is famous for different food so everyone will find what they love. You can start with Belgian fries with a local beer – don’t get surprised – a lot of beers are really strong being 7-8 percent of alcohol. Then for dessert, you can have a famous waffle with Belgian hot chocolate. One of the best waffles is not in the main square but you can buy them from a waffle truck – Liege waffle is sweet and filling and will cost you only 2-3Eur! In waffle houses they offer many fillings that can be great but the original waffle comes plain.

For french fries I would suggest Fritland or friterie Tabora – they have one of the oldest businesses in town and are still doing great!

For beer the historic and legendary pub is Delirium – there are more than 2000 different beers and that’s a record! The problem with the bar is that it is just too hard to choose what to try with this much choice!

For mussels and fries you can try – Brussels sea grill or Chez Leon.

Other great restaurants to check out:
Belga queen
Aux armes de Bruxelles
la Chaloupe d’or




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