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Luxembourg country is a unique place – so small, yet has a lot to offer! With only 600,000 people in all country and 120,000 in the capital of Luxembourg city, it could look like a boring country. But trust me – it’s not! You just have to know where to look for ”action” and interesting activities.

Do you like history or castles or white wine or good quality food or nature or all of this? Luxembourg has a lot to offer and from my experience, it is the best to experience with a local – stress-free and full of good experiences.

Tours with Milda

I offer different tours for different needs You don’t even have to be a tourist to take a tour. 🙂 Let’s have a look at each of them. And don’t forget – if you don’t find what you are looking for – contact me and I can organize it! 🙂

Private city tour

Visiting for a few days or even a few hours? Want to get the most of this beautiful city and don’t want to follow other travelers steps? Then join me on a private tour and we can explore more than just the main sights but also get lost in residential areas, explore old city walls and get a coffee with a beautiful view!
Send me an email to guidemilda@gmail.com and let’s plan your unforgettable visit to the last Grand Duchy in the world!

Onboarding tour

Planning to move to Luxembourg? Or you just did? And you don’t know how to find the best apartment for you or where is the best supermarket? How to order a washing machine or where to go for dinner when friends are visiting? These and more questions can be answered on a nice walk in the city center covering the history of Luxembourg and the main sights (so you can tell your friends and family later), topic how to settle in Luxembourg and have the best of life in this unique place.


Private day trip for castle lovers

Want to see what’s more to Luxembourg city and explore the countryside of this green country? Let’s jump into my car and explore some old medieval castles! We can even go inside for more detailed information or drive to as many as 5 castles with short stops – you are the boss to decide the intensity of the tour!

Private day trip for wine lovers

Surprise surprise, Luxembourg produces his own white wine! And it is gooood! If you want not only to taste it but also explore where and how it is made – join me on a tour to Moselle valley to visit some private wineries and see how locals produce wine.
P.S. if you are a castle lover too, we can include a nice castle to the tour too!


Private mindful hiking tour in nature

If you are a nature lover, let’s go for a hiking adventure! Luxembourg is famous for its lush green forests, refreshing rivers, and old castles. You can combine it all on one hiking trip with me. On a walk, we will have discussions about Luxembourg country, life and whatever you feel like. I will guide you through the hike but we can also experience mindful moments or even a guided meditation for the full benefits of nature!

By now you know the options, so are you ready to contact me and start your next adventure in Luxembourg? 🙂
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