Key thing how to survive freezing cold


Winter can definitely be fun. You can read more about activities in Finland here.
In this post I want to share my experience of how not to freeze when it is freezing outside. Fun thing that -20 degrees will not feel so bad as it might seem. It is because in north weather is dry. If it gets humid even -5 might feel like -25 degrees. So when you check weather forecast, check not only temperature but humidity and wind.

What to wear to enjoy winter

It is all about layers. The more you have – the better it is. First of all, start with thermo underwear and warm socks. Then follow with a long sleeve layer and put on warm trousers. And finish with a woollen sweater or just a warm sweater. And of course, on top of this – winter jacket, scarf, warm hat and winter gloves. Seriously, cover your neck and head – it is a key thing. And of course proper shoes. Sometimes I also wear a winter dress, because then I can put double layer of underpants and it is so warm!
So key things – warm shoes, hat, gloves and many layers. And good mood!

Now you are ready for winter fun!

P.S. And do not forget sauna, good food and stay hydrated 🙂



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