Work and travel USA: Second day in Grand Canyon


This travel in USA story is long so I divided it in few posts. San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon.
So here we continuing with second day in Grand Canyon.

Going deep down low to the Grand Canyon

It is possible to go deep into the Canyon – on foot or taking a donkey. It is impossible to go down and up in one day so if you really want to reach the bottom you should get your camping things. Just remember – it is pure wild with snakes and so on. Also nowhere to refill the bottle of water so make sure to take enough. The heat affects you a lot, and without water you know what might happen.
So we have chosen the easy way – 3 hours going down and then up. We got a gallon of water for each and started the journey. First it was fun, then I thought we were crazy, then one of the volunteers said we should go back if we do not want to DIE. Seriously? So serious? Actually it might be serious but we reached what we wanted, had small lunch and started to head back. It was so good that we took many pictures on the way down, because on the way up you are all sweaty, tired and trying to catch up your breath. After this journey down I have realised that hiking is not an easy walk in a park. But it was very good experience indeed.
I bet to go there for 2 days would be great too. More tiring as you need to cary all the things with you. So I would not recommend that to a beginners. But one day tour down and then up it is good. After this hike you can feel how huge is the Canyon.

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On the way home

So after visiting 3 cities and a Grand Canyon it was time to go home. I flew back to NYC. That time I was feeling like I am coming home. I was feeling so good in NYC, and in JFK airport too. There were still few days left in NYC. I was staying with the same Macedonian guy that picked me up when I arrived to USA in June – we became good friends. About the experience in NYC you can read in the Work part.

Real going home

So all was set – I was going back to reality. And after almost 4 months abroad I knew it will be difficult this time too. And it was. On the plane we all have so much time to think about life, I call that time “time for being with yourself” as no one is distracting you (just a guy sitting next to you 😀 ). I was thanking myself that I took this opportunity to leave my country, friends, family for 4 months and go to this adventure. All in all there were great moments, there were some struggle – you can not say that it is just a bright side. But what is for sure – after these kind of experiences you change, you grow and you will never be the same again. It is up to you how you will manage to go back to your routine and friends when they are same but you are not.
But this shouldn’t be the reason stick with your world, this should be the reason to leave it and grow.

As always, I hope you enjoyed my story and now you are ready to write your own.

Have a great experiences!


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