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I always liked Germany, so when I found out that my good friend Melanie went there for few months, decided to visit her in the city of Heidelberg. And it was a very good idea! Bought a flight to Frankfurt Hahn airport and a bus to Heidelberg – all trip from Vilnius less than 4h. Germany is a great place to use Couch surfing so that is what I did.

Flight passed fast and easy, got a bus right on time even though our flight was delayed like 15min.

In Heidelberg our friend was waiting for us and we walked to the city centre. Heidelberg is small enough to walk everywhere even though public transportation is great! We used buses and trams in the evenings to get home and it was really well connected.

What to do in Heidelberg?

Explore the old town and small shops with all cute souvenirs and bookstores. You can find so many nice postcards which you can just put on your wall to remind you that ‘’ life is beautiful’’, ‘’don’t give up’’ and so on.

Of course castle is the main place to visit. You can hike up there in like 10-15 min with the stairs or pay 7Eur and get transport there. From the castle you can see amazing panorama of the city. Do not forget to walk to the gardens and from where you can see castle and the city with old bridge and river.

Talking about the river – it’s definitely worth crossing the old bridge and walking on the other side of the river. Especially during the evening – beautiful views of old town and castle.

Also, do not miss the symbol of the town – the ape. It is located next to the old bridge and the old gate to the city. You have to touch it for good luck and of course you can make a wish.

While in Germany, do not miss great restaurants! I went to Vetter brewery and restaurant. Great beer and food for a reasonable price! And if you want 1L of a beer to go – it is only 3 Eur!

Even though I went in the autumn – everyone still ate ice cream on every corner! And actually homemade ice cream is just amazing in Heidelberg! And one portion is just 1 eur. Perfect dessert after lunch. 🙂

So in two days we explored it all, tried German food and beer, enjoyed the views from castle and talked a looot with my friend about good old days and just had a great time. Sometimes these short city breaks are the best memories after all.


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