How to get the most of your travels with local guide


When I was younger, during my travels, I wasn’t interested in museums or guided tours. All the trips were about meeting new people, going to their favourite places and hanging out. Later, I started to join excursions around the world until I found another great service – local guides. It’s like a mix of cultural trip and also fun.

Why local guide is better than a regular one?

Local guide is not a real profession, it’s more of a hobby. That means they will be more honest and enthusiastic. Also locals will tell you the truth of how every day life looks like and everything will be more lively. After your stay you will probably have a new friend and they will value you more. Real guides are meeting awesome people everyday and don’t try to make friends or keep in touch with all of them. In conclusion, they will appreciate you more as a person and not the way of income. 🙂

Of course in some cases I can be completely wrong but as I am a guide myself I am also sharing my personal knowledge. 🙂 Even though I still love all my tourists (except the ones i don’t :D) but let’s see what I say after 10 years of working..

So recently I have found this platform that you can try to be a local guide and show your favourite places to the tourists and also meet people from all over the world. Also, as I am traveling a lot, I realised that to feel the city with the local is so much better than read 10 guide books or take an official tour from an agency. So the platform helps in both cases.

Best things when you are a guide:
-New people
-Motivation and inspiration from other travellers
-No routine
-Flexible schedule
-Extra money for your travels

Best things when you are meeting locals in your travels:
-Saving time to find hidden spots
-You find hidden spots and where locals are actually going
-Save money while avoiding overpriced restaurant and shops
-Learn about new culture and life from a local
-Making new friends

All in all, everything is about the people and not tour guide books or how expensive your hotel was.. or if you want to become a local guide. It helped me, I hope it will help you too. 🙂



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