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Here is a story about one of my most important international experiences – internship in Lanzarote island. It is divided in two posts – beginning and how the life in a hotel looked like and second – my work and traveling around during days off.

How I got this internship?

Internship is very important during the studies. It is one of many ways to travel and explore the world.  So in my university (Vilnius University) we have to do internship on the last semester. The same one that we write the theses. 🙂 As I am a traveler I said to myself – great, another opportunity to go abroad and to work there, get scholarship and improve myself. So starting in October I started to send emails to different companies around Europe. As my field is tourism – I could work in a hostels, hotels, catering, travel agencies. My search was very unlucky. I was receiving no and no, one after another. But during December I finally got an email from a hostel in Barcelona that would love me to work there. So I managed all the paperwork, bought a ticket and everything was going great.
Then, 2 weeks before internship starts my friend got an offer to go to Canary islands to a 5* hotel to work in a SPA. She suggested me to write them email too. It would be so much fun to go to Lanzarote in February, when at home is cold and there is 20 degrees, also to work with a friend. But I had no answer from them until 4 days before my flight to Barcelona. They send me the email that I am accepted! How I was feeling? Great, but on the same time thinking about paper work, agreed internship in Barcelona, my tickets and many other things. But hey, if you want something – go for it!

Running from the winter

When I was siting on the plane to Barcelona I was so proud of what I managed to do. Change all the contract with university about internship, cancel Barcelona one, buy tickets from Barcelona to Lanzarote (in this case I had few days in Barcelona), find a host in Barcelona. So when I landed, my host greeted me with Cava (Spanish sparkling wine). And actually I had what to celebrate – my run from winter, new adventures ahead together with new work experience and also a new language!
3 days in Barcelona were amazing: having breakfast outside with a sun shining, going to the main tourist sights once again, climbing the hill to see the panorama of the city and so on.
When I came to Lanzarote island it was already midnight. The island belongs to Canary islands, and even though it belongs to Spain, the closest country is Morocco – Africa. I have booked a transfer to the hotel before and it was a great decision. Islands has not the best transport system, especially in the middle of the night. So if you ever go there – book it in advance. 🙂

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Life in a hotel

When I arrived – I got a double room that I was sharing with a Spanish girl. There were 2 floors of the hotel for interns. We were not allowed to go to the public areas, restaurants, pools. Just back of the hotel and our work area. First – there was not even Wi-fi in the room. But from your balcony you could see an ocean and that was amazing. The hotel was pretty isolated so in order to go to shop we had to go to the closest city – Puerto Calero. And bigger and cheaper markets were only in Puerto del Carmen city that was a long walk. Of course, you can try to use bus system, but they come whenever they want and not as it is in the schedule.
So not only we were staying in a 5* hotel but also having breakfast, lunch and dinner at the buffet of the employees. Of course it is not so wow as for guests but it was still great. Be careful with the buffet food – so easy to lose control and gain a lot of weight. 😉
In a hotel there were around 20 interns that was working in reception, Spa, laundry, restaurant, office. We were like a big family and that was the best thing. People. New friends from all over the world. That’s why internship abroad is so much better than internship at home country – you grow as a person when you live in a new place. People that you meet are also changing you for forever. And even though you do not understand that in that exactly moment – you will after some time.
It was tradition to go partying on Fridays, even though most of the people has to work on Saturdays. Funny thing that sometimes we didn’t manage to go out because taxi were not coming to pick us up – it was too far.
But all in all it was a fun time after work.

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So how my work day looked like? Where did I travel? All in the second part‎.



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