Internship in Spain – travel hard


In the first part you got to know how I ended up in Lanzarote and how life in a hotel looks like. Here we go with my work day and amazing traveling.

My work day

So as I worked in a spa, before I start I had no idea what will I do. So I was helping with administrative work, maintaining spa area. Normally I was opening so making sure that everything is clean, ready for guests to come. That includes lighting up the candle, cutting melon and arranging times for the massages. It was pretty easy and interesting. Another goal of mine was to learn Spanish as many guests were only Spanish speakers. And I managed to do that. So same as with study exchange – if you are already in a new country – use all the opportunities. Travel around, learn a new language, make friends all over the world and other possible things.
Another work I had to do was to write the thesis. Trust me – it is not so easy when everyone is going out, inviting to travel or so on. But I managed to write and get my diploma after going back. 😀

Traveling during days off

Using your time efficiently is very important. Especially if you have only 2 days off in the beautiful canary island. And during some of them you have to write theses too. Best way to travel inside Canary islands is to rent a car. Lanzarote is a volcanic island so you can visit a Timanfya volcano. Also it is worth visiting cuevo de los Verdes – beautiful caves with a mirror lake. Small towns are very nice to visit, see the local life, eat local food and just enjoy the ocean. The most popular beach is a Papagayo beach in the south – it is has white sand so it is nice change after rocky beach we had next to the hotel. Because most of the beaches in the island are with black sand or just rocks that are volcanic so it really hurts to walk on them. So keep in mind that even ocean is all around you should check where is better beaches.

img_6029 img_5888img_8161 img_5221

If you want to travel between canary islands – fly or take a ferry. We took a ferry to Fuerteventura as it is very close. Fuerteventura is also a beautiful island, where you can meet chipmunks, see white sand beaches, also mountains and cozy local cities.

img_5487 img_5573

A short runaway to Tenerife

I also managed to go to Tenerife for only 1 night with another intern Lithuanian girl. We rented a car, drove all over the island, slept in the car (saving the hotel price) and went on the biggest volcano is all Canary islands. The most impressive thing was that when we went on top – there was snow and it was freezing cold, and also when we were going down we passed the clouds and apparently it was raining all the day down the hill. So we managed to run from the rain and enjoy beautiful nature. Tenerife is worth more than 2 days – take a car and drive around, stay in different towns to feel different atmosphere. You will definitely enjoy food, nature, shopping, beaches and volcano. 😉



These 3 months gave me so much experience. Not only from work side, but understanding the world, people, managing time and money is a great internship for life before the real one starts.
I hope my story will inspire you to go and explore so many opportunities that are waiting for all of us.


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