Is traveling the meaning of life?


From time to time we all stop and think where life is leading us? And then we just start running faster so we do not think that. No one likes to think that they are useless and their life just sucks. But sometimes it is exactly how it is and we are the ones that have to change it. No one else will take the decision for you. So why do we actually live? What is the meaning of life?

Is traveling an addiction?

When we think about meaning of life we sometimes want to run. And traveling is a really good way to do it. I used to travel to run. From bad relationships, wrong friends, hated jobs and so on. But does it leaded me somewhere? Oh yes, it gave me a lot of understanding about life itself. And I got addicted. That is the reason I have this travel blog, that I travel 10 times a year and I want more. Is that bad? You tell me. Every single person has their own addictions. Someone can not start the morning without a cup of coffee, another takes a bike to work even during the winter, other people party every Friday until they forget why they even started doing it and where are all the weird addictions I do not want to mention. So the travel addicts are actually very lucky. Aren’t we? 🙂

Is traveling the meaning of life?

I can answer it very simply – yes, if you choose so. We create a meaning of life so we would have a goal. It also shows your values. What does it show about you if you travel every time you can? That you do not want to settle, you are afraid of commitments and probably are looking for something. And that is great, because eventually you will find that something and you will find another meaning of your life. And please, never stop looking for it because in some ways the meaning of life is looking for the meaning. Same as with happiness, it is actually a way, not a destination.

Good luck with your travels and findings. Soon I will be back from some amazing island in the Atlantic ocean so follow my blog with a new feature – messenger subscription. 🙂


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  1. Travelling is indeed an addiction for me. I forget all my worries back home and enjoy the nature and it’s beauty.

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