What should you know before going to Beijing for the first time? Tips, food, expenses and everyday life


Asia is really another world for the westerners so you should really prepare for going there.  I will help you to get an idea what to know before going to Beijing.

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  1. Best time to go to Beijing is in Spring and Autumn. In spring be careful for the sand storms but otherwise is a great season. More info.
  2. Don’t try to see everything if you have just few days – prioritize. You can find a must see places here. So you can choose what to visit. Because if you will be too tired you will not enjoy what you see, and everything is about experience – isn’t it?
  3. Food. Be careful what you eat and where you eat. The hygienic level is definitely different than in western world so better avoid a street food. Also you should know that for them birds brains, chicken feet and things like that are delicatessen. So in this case you can avoid it, or of course try something extreme;
  4. Hygiene. Make sure to have hand sanitize and toilet paper whenever you go. Get a new habit – use hand sanitize everywhere you go – before food, after food, after public transport etc. And in the toilets do not expect to find flowers so toilet paper is the least you can have there 😉
  5. Make sure to get a VPN (Virtual private network). Otherwise you can say goodbye to your beloved Facebook, Google, Google maps because they are blocked in China. You can easily download in your app store and it cost like 2 Eur/month so trust me – it is worth it 😉
  6. Do not be shy at the queues and crossings. Why? Because otherwise you will stay there forever. Crossing the road might seem as a challenge, but just go with the flow because green not always show that you can go. In the lines also look that no one would cut the line in front of you. So sometimes just forget a good manners. Even though subway system is just great – arrows will lead you where to go and how to get to subway.
  7. Be ready for the language barrier. Even in the restaurants it is almost impossible to communicate in English. So it is very useful to know basic phrases –  Ni hao – Hello; Xiexie – Thank you; Mai dan – Check; Cai dan – Menu; Bing – Ice; Shui – Water; Bu yao – Don’t want it.
  8. Negotiate! Especially in the touristic places the prices is at least double so you can easily bargain 30-40% of what the price is said, and if you have time – even more. And be careful with English menu in the restaurants – sometimes they have different prices than local ones.
  9. How to get around? Beijing is a huge city so do not expect to walk everywhere. Transportation is easy if you choose a right way. I would recommend a subway as it is all written in Latin letters too. Taxi could work but you should write your destination on the paper, otherwise it will be very difficult to communicate as drivers do not speak English. Bus system is just a nightmare for a non mandarin speakers.
  10. Pollution is a big problem in China and especially Beijing. At first it seems like nothing but you will actually feel the consequences – itchy and tired eyes, getting tired easier, difficult to breath. So check for the pollution level of your travel time and a sand storms that might be really dangerous. Pollution level of Beijing you can find here. It is also interesting to see what pollution level has your country 🙂
  11. Umbrella. In Beijing it is used not only when it rains. For Asians a fair skin is really valuable so women are preserving it with long sleeves during mid summer and also using umbrellas all the time. So with so many people in a city you should be careful not be get hit by one of them. And actually, it is pretty useful to have it too, because sun gets really strong and a portable shadow is a good idea 😉

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