Work and travel USA: Las Vegas and Grand Canyon


This travel in USA story is long so I divided it in few posts.So I divided posts: San Francisco,  Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon.
So here we continuing with Las Vegas.

Las Vegas – city of lights

In USA I was very lucky. Imagine, to meet one of my best friends in San Francisco and to travel to Las Vegas at the same time as another old friend? They were supposed to pick me up in the bus station. But when I arrived I didn’t meet them. Luckily I had the address of the hotel so just took a bus and went there. And imagine, I enter and I see one of the friends in a lobby. Seriously like from the movie. They were so worried that they lost me. So all happy we went to a Vegas Strip street. Full of lights, people, casinos, bars and other entertainment places. We weren’t really ready to spend a lot of money for gambling or clubbing. Probably that is the reason Las Vegas didn’t leave such a big impression for me as for many others. Just a city in the middle of the desert. Fun to be few days and party. But if you are not prepared to spend hundreds of dollars – it will be just boring.
Next evening we went to a main street, biggest hotels that own casinos, saw Bellagio dancing fountains, Eiffel tower and the luxury. I also enjoyed a great weather and pool in the hotel before going back to the dark October back home.

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Grand Canyon – miracle of the nature

If you want to go to national parks in USA  – you better rent a car. It is the easiest way to get around. Actually car is useful everywhere except the biggest cities like NYC. So we rented a car and went to a Grand canyon. Funny how distance looks different when you are out of your country, or maybe it is just USA. It is huge. And 3 hours drive it seems so close! (3 hours you can cross all Lithuania) When you are planing your trip to National parks it is convenient to book camping spot in advance. That is what we did and when we came to register we saw some people looking so lost because all the campings were full. When you arrive the best thing is just to leave a car and move around with the shuttle buses – very convenient.
Do I really have to say how Grand Canyon is amazing? It seems you are standing next to a big wall with the picture, it looks unreal. They say it is so beautiful thanks to a Colorado river that flows on the bottom of the Canyon. So first day we were using shuttle buses from one stop to another. In every of them the view if somehow different. And of course in every we needed a picture.
In the evening we just enjoyed grilled chicken and checked the pictures.
Also I got a tent from Wall-mart and I managed to give it back and get money back after these 2 nights. So it is a great way to save money. If there are possibility to give it back – why not to use it, right?

dsc_1315 dsc_1209

Next day we were going down to the canyon. Pretty amazing experience during the next day.


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