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Vacation is a great time. But when you are going to such an island as Madeira, you want to plan it in advance. Of course, spontaneous adventures are cool, but when you are in Madeira you just do not want to miss some things. Before I was going there I have prepared myself these short routes for every day. The idea is not to have a plan that you must stick to it, but have an idea of what to do and then you decide when you do each of every thing. Madeira is an island of wind and clouds so it is very useful to check the webcams of the place you are planning to go. So here I made Madeira maps with the routes I have did myself. 🙂

Exploring Funchal

If you have rented the car same as we did then it is useful to leave it somewhere on the outskirts as driving in Funchal is not the best because of the narrow streets. We have left the car in the shopping mall La Vie and went to explore the south of Funchal by foot. You can reach Monte by cable car or drive up there – the views are also beautiful.

–> Link to map

Exploring the east side of the island

I thought one day should be enough to see the main of the east side of the island. Actually it is not if you want to go on 2 hikes. That is the route we did in 2 days.
–> Full description about east of Madeira. Link to map.

Exploring the heights of Madeira – Pico do Arieiro

If you are in a hurry, one day is enough to visit the central part of the island. This route includes Curral das Freias, Eira do serrado, Pico do Arieiro and Ribeiro frio. You can find route with the details here.

 –> Full description of the route. Link to the map. 

Exploring the west side of the island

One day is enough to drive this route that I made for the west side of the island. Enjoy the cliffs and the blue ocean views, take time to go down with a cable car to the isolated small town and swim in a natural pools in Porto Moniz.

–> Full description of the route. Link to a map.

I hope these maps and routes will help you in your trip! Share in comments how was your trip and what would you suggest to others 🙂


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