Magical energy in the Sequoia National park


Some people believe in trees magic… It is said that sequoia helps you with: Abundance, Earth Wisdom, Healing, Protection, Protection from Fire.

You don’t have to believe in that to go see Redwood (sequoia) with your own eyes. Sequoias used to grow almost everywhere in the world, now it’s mostly California and few other places with few trees. You can find them in Yosemite national park, sadly the road there was closed when I have visited. So let’s talk about the Sequoia national park in California, USA.

How to get there

If you are traveling the ‘’off season’’, always check for the roads quality. In my case, only one road was open – coming from the south. If you go when there is still snow – you will need chains or at least 4W car. The road is good but with many curves! All the giant forest is high in the mountain, that was a surprise for me. In the visitors centre was +24 degrees and up in the mountain snow and around 10 degrees. Also, try not to drive during the night as there are a lot of wild life! Bears, deers, muse and so on.

I spent there like 4 hours and it was enough to enjoy the forest, take pictures and go down to the hotel.

What to do in Sequoia park?

It always depends what you want and how much time you have. If you just want to see the trees like I wanted, you can go for half a day. But then you can also stay a week there and go rock climbing, hiking, on a tours and many other things. More ideas in here.

I would say must do is to visit the biggest tree in the world! The Sherwood tree! Its magnificent! Imagine, if you fill it’s trunk with water, you could take batch everyday for 27 years! Hard to imagine.. Better go and see it. Next to it there is a congress trail – amazing trail to walk – and also fallen tree where you can walk through it.

Go, hug the trees, feel the energy! Imagine that these giants were here already when the dinosaurs where still here! I loved the feeling of being so small and realising how nature can do magical things!

Other trail I visited was the Big trees trail. Easy to walk, trees are naturally growing around the wet area so it’s a nice walk! And you can see how fire has damaged them. But don’t start blaming people, the trees actually need fire to reproduce! Only with the hear the seeds come out of the pine! And ashes is the best place for them to grow…

Many other facts you will find in the park! If you follow the trails they will tell you the story how they grow, why they need fire to reproduce and many other things. Better stay on the path as otherwise you might meet a bear. 🙂

Just go, see for yourself and enjoy the magical energy from Sequoia trees!


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