Montenegro – little country full of surprises


Montenegro is located in the balkan region in south of Europe. Only 10 years ago it was still part of Yugoslavia republic that was Serbia and Montenegro. In all the country there are only 750K people!(2017) And they are using Euro even though they are not in Eu. Definitely interesting place to visit.

Getting around

We rented a car in advance to pick it from Podgorica airport. It is a very small airport and not all companies even has their office in there so you might need to wait for someone to bring a car. But it was not a problem for us – another adventure. If not car, you would need to get a taxi as there is not really public transportation there.

Podgorica – the capital of Montenegro

Podgorica used to be a city of Turks, that is why the old town has minarets and sadly it was destroyed a lot during the war so it is not very wow touristic place. Especially during the night as there is no light… And no pedestrian way… So better go to the city centre where the locals go. You will find many bars, restaurants, shopping streets and so on – very modern and nice. And try to visit touristic spots during the day time.

On the way to the coast

We crossed Skadar lake and it’s regional park. Right before the main bridge you can stop and walk to the ruins of Lesendro fortress. Fun part that you need to walk on the railway as there is no path there – definitely not too touristic.


Another ‘’green stop’’ was the Solila reserve where birds stop on their migration to south. Of course there were not much activity going on as it was November but it was nice to see where birds from my country stops on their way.

Budva – historical, party town

Before going I thought it is just a beach town with a lot of parties during the summer and nothing to do during the cold season. I was wrong. The old town is a fortification itself! So it feel you are entering the castle and all city appears – churches, shops, bars, restaurants, residential houses and so on! Narrow streets, the sound of waves, many many cats is just amazing! Even though summer period it must be super hot and crowded, I was happy to be there during the cold season.

Kotor bay – beautiful fiord in the south of Europe

I saw many pictures of Kotor bay before arriving. But nothing can give you the impression of the mountains and the adriatic sea meeting. It is just amazing and I recommend to everyone go and feel that. We stayed in amazing vila Portofino – amazing view, great equipped with kitchen, living room and even Netflix. Also they give free bikes to go to Kotor (2km) so that is what we did. Great choice as there is not so easy to park your car and of course not free. Old town again is inside the walls. You can pay 3 eur and walk all the way up the the castle and church and see amazing view of the bay. Or just get lost in narrow streets, have a coffee or try to count how many cats could live in their – too many. 😀


I did not cover the northern part of the country as it is mountains and I would love to come back during the summer and do some hiking there – looked amazing national parks and just – mountains are always good.


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