Unexpected Montreal. How to turn unlucky situation to lucky one?


You know, life is so unexpected! Imagine, on my way to New York, I had a stop over in Montreal, Canada. So the evening before the flight I was just chilling, imagining myself in lovely NYC… And out of the blue I get an email that my flight Montreal – NYC is canceled! And I am rebooked to the flight 2 days later…! What should I do?

1st – I could panic and say omg, I am not going at all!! I don’t know nothing about Canada! Omg omg…

2nd – Try to get the earlier flight and enjoy NYC.

3rd – Find friends living in Montreal and enjoy my time there. Or just go to the city and explore.

Guess what I do?

I kinda combined 2nd and 3rd. Called to Air Canada to ask what the hell is going on?! (that costed a fortune but oh well.. life) Apparently there will be a big snow storm in New York so ALL flights are canceled! But I managed to get on the first flight that was operating (24h after my landing in Montreal).

After this, I found one of my tourists living in Montreal and surprise surprise, he was happy to help! (Still super grateful!)

So next morning I fly to Montreal without having any idea about Canada! Currency, climate, population, food… No clue! First time, because I was not planing! And it was even more interesting! Normally you would not go without preparation. (at least I would not)

During that day we explored Montreal – walked to the main hill to see the panorama (was still a lot of snow), checked the old town, river bank and tried traditional fries that are amazing!


I learned so much during this unexpected visit to Montreal! Btw, it’s a french speaking part and I don’t speak a word of it. Good that they use english too. 🙂

If you are there – try traditional sandwich with smoked meat (Schwartz’s is a legendary place, also cheap and tasty), french fries, walk in the old town and you will feel like in France. 😀


One thing I realised after this day – I want to come back here!

And – if life gives you a lemon – make a lemonade and enjoy it! There is always something good in any situation!

I could have stayed in the airport all those hours, complain and be grumpy or I could add another adventure to my life!

Go and have those adventures!


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