New York, New York – 10 best tips for your first time in NYC


New York is one of the most famous cities in all the world. Even you haven’t been there you probably love it because of your favorite TV show, or your friends story or movies. It seems as a perfect city right? So it is time to visit it! What to do, where to go and how to plan the trip if you have just few days in your dream city?

  1. Choose the right season to go. Even though it looks like it is always warm, apparently it is not. During mid summer is extremely hot, so it is difficult to enjoy. And January – February might be very cold to spend all the day wondering around. So best time is Spring and Autumn. And I bet before Christmas it must look amazing. 😉
  2. Prioritize what you want to visit. As there are so many things to do and see think what are your wishes? Do you want to visit places that your TV show was filmed? Or do you want to visit best museums in the world? Or you want to go for a fancy shopping? Or you want to complete your traditional bucket list of Brooklyn bridge, Empire state building and central park and move on? Things to do in NYC. 
  3. NYC is the safest biggest city in USA. So do not be afraid just wonder around in Manhattan. It is really easy to walk around and so difficult to get lost. From east to west goes avenues 1 to 11. And from south to north goes streets from 1 to 263. Yes Manhattan is big. And beautiful.
  4. If you are on a budget do not take a fancy cruises around Manhattan. Or even you are not on a budget it is really worth taking a ferry to Staten island. It is free, goes very often and you can enjoy the skyline of Manhattan.
  5. Enjoy free activities. Remember that a legendary Central park is always free. Many things are going on there every day, so do not miss a chance to check it out. Also there is a  High Line – a public park recently created from an old elevated rail line. Also, during the summer you can enjoy free kayaking for 30 mins in the Hudson river.
  6. Do not drive in NYC. In USA most of the places you really need a car. But NYC is definitely not one of them. Public transport is so easy and not so expensive. To drive it means to be stuck in traffic, pay 40 USD for parking and 15 USD for just entering NYC and do not forget gas and car rental price. But in most of the cases time is the most precious thing during your stay.
  7. For good price food – look where the students eat. If you are not ready to spend too much money for the food – try to look where youngsters go to eat. They are also on a budget just like you. 😉 Try the areas next to universities or college like in East village. They have nice local places with the great price.
  8. New York is more than just a Manhattan. First of all – you do not have to stay in Manhattan. It is so easy to reach it by train that you can stay somewhere further and save a lot of money. Also, it is cheaper to eat and go out there too. Brooklyn is a great area for that. Also, there are many events going on there, so check it before going. Also they have nice parks and areas to walk around. Consider that if you are staying longer and want to feel more like a local and see not only touristic places.
  9. Do not think that you will be able to visit 3 museums in one day. Of course you can but will you see at least half of them? If you are interested in Metropolitan art museum or MoMa – spend at least half day in each. They are huge. So it is perfect thing to do on a rainy or very cold days. And to Metropolitan museum you can pay whatever you want. Recommended is 12 Dollars but you can give 1 and no one is going to say anything.
  10. Use your time wisely. Go to the events that are best in NYC like a Broadway show. Also, if you do not want to spend long time in lines and spend too much money you can go not to Empire State building observation deck but to Top of the Rock that is on the Rockefeller building.

So enjoy your trips to NYC and always feel free to express your thought in the comments. 🙂


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