How I quit my job to start travel around the world


Changing your lifestyle

Before drastic changes you always need to put your priorities. But when you wake up every day already sad and mad that you need to go to your office job – maybe it is time to change something. A lot of people say ‘’I can quit any time, I will work a bit more and then I will quit’’. I say,- “You can always come back’’. If you already had a job somewhere, after your travels you will have more confidence and life experience, that is even more important.

The story

So if talking about my story – I have quit many times. 😀 Deep inside me I always knew I want to be free and travel, enjoy life. But the outside world was always telling me to find a job, settle and live happily ever after. Somehow I did not feel that way. So after working 6 months in a tourism agency I had decided to quit and start traveling around Europe. During that time, I’ve worked in some bars and hotels – just to get some money for the living but nothing fancy.

Watch out for traps!

Then… I fell into the trap again. I agreed to work in another tourism agency. I was so happy for the first month – learning new things, being useful and so on. But after a while, I realised that, no, this was not my place neither…

It is very easy to fall to your comfort zone, having a routine and don’t worrying about the future.. But that is how life passes by, and you do not even realise it.

The “first” light at the end of the tunnel

To be honest – this place gave me an opportunity to find myself – a tour guide course. Since I finished it, I started to work as a tour guide in my city, and this time I could travel every single day with the stories of my tourists! That is so much fun too! And of course as I’ve flexible working hours, I can travel whenever I want.

Challenge yourself!

So I decided to quit some freelancing jobs and as the tourism season in the north of Europe is mostly during the summer – this winter I got myself a challenge to visit 4 continents in just few months!

Europe, Asia, South America and North America from November to May. So follow my adventures here  – I will try to write during these travels so I can share everything with you! 🙂

I am starting with Europe tomorrow!

I hope you’ll get inspired and decide to buy a ticket for your next adventure! Be brave to leave your comfort zone! Trust me- magic starts happening when you do so.

Let me know which continent is most interesting for you!


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