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Mexico was a dream country for me since 2012. During Erasmus I had many Mexican friends, they were telling about there country, showing pictures, telling stories and so on. So I made a promise to myself to go and visit them, or at least the country. In 2014 during my internship I met more Mexicans and again I promised to visit. And this actually happened after graduating, saving some money and finally buying the ticket to Cancun.
This will be my personal story about vacation in Yucatan peninsula and as always you can find things you will use during your next trip.

First impressions

Before telling how awesome is to run from winter in Europe to +30 degrees I want to tell what is the context of my trip. Everything was very easy because I was visiting a friend. So that means staying with his family in a nice house. Also I didn’t have to take care of transportation as he was taking me with a car, most of the trip was planned like, what is worth seeing, when is the best time and so on. Also I knew I will have a chance to meet his friends and go to there parties. So I knew from the beginning it will be amazing vacation as I did not have to take care of almost anything.
Ok, so more about the place. As I said, i was going in the end of March. The moment when I got out to the night, air was so humid and it was so hot, I was happy I did not arrive during the day. My friend picked me up, and we drove all the way to Merida – 3 hours drive.
The house was amazing, with private pool, gym, tv room, many bathrooms and so on. I really did not expect to be so amazing.

Cenotes – my favorite places

On the very first day my friend Carlos brought me to the open Cenotes. First of all I was interested what is Cenote at all? According to wikipedia it is  a natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath. So it can be underground and you have to go into caves to reach them, some are like outdoor natural pools with natural water. These Cenotes were sacred for Mayas, so it was used as a place of sacrifice or for the praying.

I went to several Cenotes. First were like open pool in the forest, I would never find it on my own. And also we met raccoons in there, they are so brave! Almost lost my lunch as they are smart enough to get to your bag. Another place was like a complex of cenotes. You come, leave your car and rent a guy with this cart to sit in and drive you around as most of the cenotes are not even next to a car road. One was that you literally have to go underground to see this huge natural water pool, and tree next to it. It is amazing how nature is surviving. Another one was more open, but the water was still pretty cold. But for me, as I come from Lithuania and our see is never more than 22 degrees, 25 degrees is just fine. 😀

Last one of that day was more of a cave with the mud on the way. So you go to the cave, put mud all over you and then walk to the next cenote. It is good I had shoes not very much afraid of water as you have to go half in the water. But in the end we reached another water pool that is completely underground. For more intense experiences our guide offered to go to another pool, but we had to dive in order to get there and there were no light. Except of our flashlight. At first it was scary but definitely worth it. When you are in a small area where your head almost does not fit and then you go under water and next thing you see is a spacious cave.
Recommended for everyone – cenotes and caves in Yucatan peninsula.

Amazing food

Normally when I travel food is a nice addition but I do not pay so much attention to it. But when a local is saying omg, you must try this and that and this I am like oh well, I guess I have to try.
So we went to some taco places (oh really, so unexpected) but it wasn’t as good as in Europe because they use corn and I am not so used to it. But nachos is amazing. Now I understand why they have so many over weighted people – with these ”salsas” all over there is no other way. But it is amazingly good.
In the beach it was one restaurant that you buy a beer and get many snacks for free, so you can see what kind of snacks there were. Also I loved natural ice cream – in the picture mango with chamoy – sweet and sour and salty at the same time.

Fun fact – they do not eat burritos. And it was one of my favourite ”mexican” food. 😀
But top of the top food for me in Mexico was a sea food. The best places for that are on the beach towns, we even went to Progresso just for that amazing restaurant. Fresh fishes (do not know the English names), shrimps, squid and many more – a must do. But best out of the best are still the coconut shrimps. It is like a dessert because it is pretty sweet because of the sauce. Down in the picture you can see coconut shrimps and chimichangas – beans filling friend pastry – so good.  There are many more dishes, they love beans, avocado and pork. Sometimes it was even too heavy for me.


For more adventures read the second part of the story. You will find out about the wonder of the world, a road trip to Cancun and Playa del Carmen. And of course you will see some memories from Snorkeling with turtles.


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