Real vacation in Mexico vol. 2


In the first part of the story you found out how I ended up in Mexico. Here the story continues with story about Chichen itza, roadtrip to Cancun and Playa del Carmen. You will see moments from snorkeling, amazing show, another wonder of the world and much more.

Another wonder of the world – Chichen Itza

When you are so close to another wonder of the world it is just a sin not to visit it. It is best to leave a whole day for Chichen itza as it includes a drive, walking in a huge territory as it is the biggest ancient Maya city that was found and going back. Tickets are amazingly cheap – around 7 Eur. Territory is huge and there are almost no shadows. So if you come during a sunny day you better bring an umbrella or a hat. Luckily for my, it was a cloudy day so it was just perfect.
So of course, in Chichen Itza complex there is a main pyramid that is perfectly showing all the directions – north, east, south and west. And during the equinox it forms a snake going down the stairs. This snake was the most important of the gods for Mayas.

Also you can find a sacral pool where Maya used to put sacrifices.
Another interesting object is a ballgame playing field. This game requires to keep a ball in the air but you can touch it only with knees, elbows and head. No hands. Another crazy thing that the winning team was sacrificed for the gods. It was believed that to die is an honour and it will lead them to better life. And actually, who knows what is waiting there for us?

A road trip to Cancun

Funny thing, you always want to do something very much, have all chances to do at home or at least somewhere close but no, you travel across the ocean to make it. Same happened with the road trip. It was a short one, but we were going with 2 cars, 6 people, stopping in the cities on the way. Exploring everything we want.

First night we spend in Playa del Carmen. The city of beach parties and a destination for vacations. one of the reasons for that is many adventure parks. We went to Xcaret park. It is like zoo, with different shows, amazing beaches, restaurants, possibility to go snorkeling and of course a big night show. The park is so big that you need to plan day well, otherwise it is easy to miss half of the things going on. We managed to see Maya ritual dances, and praying ceremony. Also did the snorkeling as it was one of my dreams. We got lunch in one of the sea food restaurants that was just amazing. You can buy a ticket that includes lunch in any buffet restaurants so it is really worth it. Typically all the Mexicans went for ”siesta” in the hammocks that looks like paradise. I enjoyed them 5 minutes and went for a walk to see pumas, butterfly room and other animals.


When it was getting darker we went for a big show. They showed the game of the ball that mayas used to play – amazing how people learnt how to play it. Also they showed Mexican history, how Maya lived, how Spanish came and put their rules. It was very impressive, so if you go to any of the parks and they say there is a night show – go for it.

Playa del Carmen and the turtles

Another thing on my bucket list – a real beach party. And I got it! When you come to the beach and there is loud music from the bars, but you can just stay on your towel with a beer and bunch of friends – that is fun. Water is so warm so even when the sun went down it was warm enough to swim. Sadly we did not stay long as we had many things on the next day. But for me beach party – check. If you ever go to that direction – do not miss it. Even you are traveling solo – you will definitely find friends in there.

So next day was another check for me – snorkeling in the sea with the turtles. The beach of white sand, with the palm trees. Seriously heaven. And that heaven turned into a hell very fast as a big rain started. But the good thing that it started fast and finished even faster. Again I was lucky because one of new friends has a company that makes life wests and bags – Galapago. We stayed at the water for more than 3 hours, saw many big turtles and even the skate fish! So Mexico is definitely a good place for snorkeling if you are not ready for scuba diving.

Saying goodbye and the last party

The last night of my vacation we spent in Cancun – the capital of parties. Even though I did not really want to go out but if you are already there it would be a shame to stay home. So we took this legendary ” party bus” that it is a normal bus that brings you to a party area but music is so loud and all people are pre-partying. On the main street there are so many bars that you need more than month to go to all of them. Next to every club there are promoters inviting your, giving you ‘ best deal’ of your life. We got pretty good one and entered the place. Most of the clubs are open bar. That means you pay like 20 Dol and you drink as much as you want. The more you pay the better drinks there will be. Open bar also means that you will meet many people that does not know there limits of drinking. So better be careful with your limits too. Our night did not last long, had some fun moments dancing and trying worst tequila of my life. Next day was my leaving day so did not want to miss my flight.

Next morning, even I was not feeling best and with lack of sleep, I managed to go to the beach and it was just amazing. I wish I had more time in Cancun, because white sand beaches and warm water is amazing. And of course if you are traveling not on a budget you should stay in those huge hotels that are more of a city than just one building.

So after these two weeks it was difficult to say goodbye to an old friend and to new friends and to Mexico itself. It was an easy trip for me, a beautiful paradise with nice people (that I always say makes everything better) and beautiful nature.
Do not miss a chance to visit it yourself. For not so personal story I prepared some tips for you too.

Enjoy your travels and keep reading about it too!


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