Roadtrip vacation in Croatia – Slovenia – Italy Part I


8 days, 3 countries, a curious couple and adventure begin! It’s been a crazy year with a lot of movement but not much actual traveling and enjoying destinations. The trip started with a cheap flight Frankfurt Hahn to Pula (I am based in Luxembourg now so it is only 1,5h away by bus).

Pula, Istria, Croatia

The city once was part of the Roman empire and also part of Venice so we found a lot of historical places and Venetian type of fortress. Interestingly there is a colosseum that survived better than the one in Rome! Also, there is an arc de triumph so you don’t even need to go to Paris! Otherwise, it is a cozy town that we spent only 1 day and we continued to Brijuni National Park.

For breakfast I can recommend is at “Backyard – by Istrian culinaris”, it’s a guesthouse but they have a cozy terrace with few tables. It was 10eur/pp that includes juice, coffee and a meal that was delicious!

Brijuni National Park

One of my favorite places during this trip as it was a perfect location to relax and disconnect from the world. We have stayed in the hotel Neptun. says it is a 2-star hotel but it does not feel like one! It was built at the beginning of XX century as a luxurious hotel and they kept the style! And the view itself is worth 5*!
There are no cars on the island but you can rent a bike and electric boogie to explore the island and it’s worth it! Roman ruins, safari park, dinosaur footprints (yes, they exist!), wild animals in the fields and fresh air! What else can you want for a relaxing vacation? Oh, and there were almost only local people! (I love to travel off-season – October)
I would recommend ordering breakfast and dinner as there are not too many options where to eat on the island.

Renting a car in Croatia

After a relaxing weekend, it was time to rent a car and get on the road. Our goal was to drive from Croatia to Slovenia, this cost us an extra 120eur, but saved us time and gave flexibility. Otherwise to rent a car in Slovenia or Croatia can be as cheap as 8eur a day! The roads are great! There are tolls but we paid 6,20 euro for a road from Pula to the border to Slovenia. We chose Alamo rental car as for few times they did not disappoint.
We got a Dacia Duster that was an incredibly economic car! For 600km we used only 27 liters!



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