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After long work summer everyone needs to get reward right? At least that is my idea. Work hard and then spend money on traveling. 😀 Basically that is the idea of Work and Travel USA – work 3 months and 1 month travel. The first part of my experience you can read here.

Now I want to tell you about my travels on the west coast. So I divided posts: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon. Let’s start with how the trip starts. 🙂

USA is a really big country and when you have only 3 weeks you have to prioritize where to go and what to see, because it is just impossible to see everything. My big dream was to see the west coast too as I was living on an east coast and managed to see some cities during my stay like NYC, Boston, DC, Philadelphia.
So the plan was to leave big suitcases in NYC and fly to San Francisco, then go to Los Angeles, after that go to Las Vegas by bus and from there – head to a Grand Canyon national park. Sounds a lot but actually it was not so much when you look at the map.

Heading to San Francisco

First stop – San Francisco. At the beginning I was traveling with my Lithuanian friend from school times and also it happened that another friend was in San Francisco exactly the same days. So we managed to meet up too.
Of course we have stayed with Couch Surfing again – this time with a Mexican brothers that had apartment on the ocean and also they had a Mexican restaurant. So even though they lived far from the city it was fun to stay with them. They drove us around, we went to a Golden Gate bridge. Yep, the legendary one. Also we went to the Golden Park. And in the evening we all met in the restaurant. We expected to try Margarita but they were so generous that food started to come. A lot of food. We were more than excited. 😀 That is why I write about it and not other interesting monuments in San Francisco.
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Ok, so what else it is worth seeing? We went to a Alcatraz prison – it is in the island so the boat takes you. In there you can buy an audio guide that leads you all the way. It is really interesting to see all the small cells and how crazy was to stay there.
Another nice thing it is just to get lost in the city and walk around to feel the atmosphere. Because San Francisco it is just magical.  Most of the time is cooler than 50 km south, always foggy, that what creates the atmosphere.
So 3 days passed very fast in there. And it was so nice to meet up with the friends after all summer (they worked in different places).

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The story continues with the next stop – Los Angeles.


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