Singapore – a great layover destination


Singapore is a great layover destination. Ok, it is just a great destination whenever you go there. When you are having long trips it is hard to avoid layovers. So why not to enjoy them? A lot of airlines nowadays are offering flights with long waiting time, sometimes even few days! Same price of the flight includes few destinations. If you are going to explore the city, the trip itself will be easier as its not only waiting in the airports but also enjoying.

This time on my trip to Bali, I had a layover in Singapore. Changi airport is huge with many things to do inside so you might want to stay and enjoy that. But trust me – city has so much more to offer!

1 day in Singapore

On the flight you will need to fill the immigration form and pass  through the immigration desk. Don’t be scared of that – it is really easy and fast thing to do. Then grab a 36 bus or metro to the city. My recommendation would be to go to Marina Bay. If you can see only one thing in Singapore – that would be it. The skyline, Marina, gardens – such a nice vibe! If you are there in the evening – enjoy the music and light show in the gardens and then in the marina. Just go behind marina bay sands hotel – impossible to miss it. Best water fountain I have ever seen. The famous hotel with the infinity pool. Sadly it is only for the guests of the hotel. But, you can go to the 57th floor to see the panorama completely for free! Just go to the lobby of the hotel and straight to the elevators. There is a place for a smoke and just panorama in between restaurants and pool. Will not post a picture so you have to go up there and see it for yourself!


If you have more time…

There are definitely more things to do in Singapore. Like visiting China town, Little India, City centre, going shopping or enjoying great restaurants. I did go to China town to visit some temples. One of the most important is the Buddha tooth temple with hundreds of Buddha statues inside! It was opened only in 2007 so it is modern and really big. Even I am different religion I was appreciating the energy and interior inside the temple. On the 4th floor you can see the relic of Buddha – his tooth! Also you can go up to the top floor and even see panorama of the China town. Entrance is free and even you do not have a proper clothes they will provide you some scarfs. Around the temple there are many places to eat or just to wander around.


For me just to get out from the airport for few hours was such an amazing feeling. Walking in a city/country, watching locals, appreciating how well is this country doing…

If experiences are not coming to you – you have to go for them. Don’t be lazy – go, explore, enjoy!

After this time I spent in Singapore I promised to come back for longer. So easy to fall in love with it.


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