Test: Are you a vacation or a travel person?


Everyone loves traveling… Or everyone loves vacation? What is the different between these two words? I always said that I love traveling but not to ‘’Turkey” where people just eat and go to beach. Now I understand that it is called vacation and some people do not need anything else than food and drinks in a fancy hotel. So I think it is fun to decide what you like best – traveling or just going on vacation? Read descriptions below and try to associate with how you feel about vacation and traveling! 

Type 1

When someone asks what is your dream trip, you start thinking about pool and a lot of food – probably you do not care much of a destination, more about hotel. And of course good weather. A perfect day looks like this: having amazing breakfast in a terrace, sunbathing next to the pool, big lunch, chilling at the pool with a cocktail and then dinner with some drinks. It is great to understand your type of traveling because then you can choose your trip with different criteria. You do not need car rental or many attractions around – you focus on a hotel and food quality. If most of it fits your desires – you are definitely a vacation lover. 🙂


Type 2

When you get a question about your dream trip, you think about adventure, meeting new people, learning new things and going home full with experience. This is what I think when I get this kind of question. Traveling is the feeling of collecting memories and most of them comes from people, nature, adventures and challenges. You can always challenge yourself but abroad is really easier to go out of your comfort zone. And that is very important in everyones life. You will probably won’t care about a hotel – will stay in a hostel or even camping.  If you like these kind of things – you are a real traveler. 🙂

Best combination (for me)

As in everywhere – balance is the best thing. So since some time I realised that is great to travel and have beach vacation mixed together. I would recommend this to you too. Plan 4-5 days of exploring the country, history, meet new people, go on adventures and challenge yourself! And after that – get a hotel on the beach or in a calm area and enjoy some time there. In this case you will avoid a need of vacation after vacation. Trust me, I know the feeling of waking up 8 in the morning and being so tired after explorations. With this balanced trips your will rest your mind and body. 🙂 I had a trip like that in Balkans

Go and book your next trip and collect memories and not things.


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