Best tips for your next trip to Yucatan, Mexico


Mexico is a big country and you really need more than 10 things to know before visiting it all. But I have been in one of the most popular state of it – Yucatan. So what should you know before going there, what is a must see and how to save some money.

  1. Check for the best time to travel. Late spring and early autumn is the cheapest times to go. Least crowded too, that will help in the touristic sights. Also check for the rain, because with this tropical rain you will hardly be able to enjoy what you have planned for that day. Good that there are museums and other indoor activities.
  2. Yucatan is safer than you think. When we hear a word Mexico we imagine bad things ( at least I did before I went there). But Yucatan is the safest state and Merida is called a white city. It is actually not so white but it is safe. Of course be smart but do not be afraid to attend some shooting in the middle of the day.
  3. Food variety is amazing. They eat more than tacos. From seafood to best desserts ever. Do not be afraid to try beach restaurants. In some you just need to order a beer (less than 2 Eur) and you will get starters for free. With 10 of them you become full and save money for main meal. 🙂
  4. Keep your belly safe. Be careful what water you drink. No tap water, just bottled. That means be careful with free water in the restaurants, ice in the cocktails and so on. Also be careful with the food on the beach, I had one of the worst experiences while traveling when got food poisoning.
  5. There are many activities too! If you like snorkeling, scuba-diving, sailing, fishing, beach parties, theme parks and many more – this is the place. In order not to take expensive tours you can try Couchsurfing or other ways to meet people and maybe they can help you with activities. Be creative.
  6. Pack your sunblock! In Yucatan you can find amazing beaches. But you will need your sunblock not only for that. I recommend you to put it on every time you leave home because sun is so intense. As I am from “north” I can not imagine an hour without it. Save your skin. 🙂
  7. Enjoy ancient Maya ruins. Located by the Caribbean Sea, the ruins of Tulum offer an incredible view. Even more amazing, though, are the ruins of Chichén Itzá. Get there as early as possible in order to avoid the midday crowds and penetrating sun. You’ll find few shaded spots there. If you are really into that you can visit Coba ruins – you will need a bike to get around as it is very big. Also Dzibilchaltún it interesting spot too as on equinox sun gets into interesting position. Picture down there.
  8. Do not skip cenotes. Take a bus or rent a car to go to these amazing places. This natural wonder will stay in your memories for a long time. Clear, cold (or more chill) water with great views around. Most of the time not so crowded with tourists, more with local people.
  9. Shop around. Mexico is a relatively cheap country. Enjoy shopping local souvenirs and goods like national clothes, ornamented plates and so on. Prices in the big shopping malls are like in Europe so for brand clothes better go to USA. But I bet you will find many special things to bring home from Mexico.
  10. Pay with pesos and speak Spanish not to get scammed.  If you pay with USD the change rate might be not the best. So better change money before the trip, cash our from ATM or go to any bank and change it. About Spanish, you will always feel more local if you try to speak the country language. And Spanish is super easy so I bet you can get useful phrases.

I have spent 3 weeks exploring this great place so you can read my personal story too. I hope you will get inspired to visit it by yourself.


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