Top cities to travel to in 2017


I have already pointed out the best destinations for 2017. Here I want to point out the cities you should visit in 2017. I have been to these cities and they are really amazing, if you haven’t done that yet – hurry up. World is changing pretty fast so if you want to see the original destinations we all better travel as soon as possible.

Los Angeles

Despite its reputation as a land of celebrities, health fanatics and all-around superficiality, LA has been gaining steam as a cultural destination while becoming more accessible than ever. Even though it is really spread out city but the 2016 Metro expansion has made getting from Downtown to Santa Monica and everywhere in between much easier. Also city initiative Car Free LA helps tourists navigate without wheels easier. Moreover almost 50 new hotels are in the works. This isn’t just a beach town, even though Venice beach where I was staying was really lovely.  It’s a commerce capital, where movie producers and finance is flourishing. East Coasters are moving here in droves for the sunshine and a more sustainable lifestyle.


Mérida’s cultural offering is like no other on the Yucatán Peninsula (sorry, Cancún, you’ve got pretty beaches, but party culture doesn’t count). On any given day you’ll find a dizzying array of live music, art shows and dance performances, and the booming culinary scene is hotter than a Habanero pepper. When I was there we went to a free dance performance that takes place every Monday in the city center. Also the new museum about Maya is so modern and interesting. Also galleries with art and many more things. This year Mérida has been designated the American Capital of Culture, meaning visitors can expect a cultural extravaganza as organisers stage a series of large-scale events throughout 2017. Also do not forget that Merida is called a white city (not because of architecture as I thought) because it is the safest in all Mexico. If you are already there I would recommend to visit some other places in Yucatan like Cenotes, Chichen itza and other Maya ruins.


I found Ohrid only this year. And all in all Macedonia is a great destination for traveling. Ohrid itself is an amazing city that has 365 churches – one for each day of the year. Looking at it from the blue Ohrid lake water is just stunning. You can see all those churches, the wall of Car Samoil’s castle and cosy houses. Ohrid has transformed itself from Macedonia’s religious centre to its busiest holiday resort, and its beaches are the best by far in this otherwise landlocked nation. However, a planned new lake-shore development will likely change this sleepy town forever, making now a great time to go. I would recommend a road trip in all Macedonia. Because easiest to reach is Skopje, from there is only 3-4 hours down south to Ohrid. During the summer is very busy and early spring or early autumn might be perfect time to go.


It is a great city. Especially during the summer. In 2017 it will celebrate 100 year of independence. Imagine after 800 years fighting with Russia and Sweden they finally declared independence in 1917. Now it is one of the strongest countries in Europe. And this year they will hold so many events, from sauna festivals to ice hockey championships. You will find what to do during all year, just prepare for the weather conditions.  Because to go to see northern lights it is amazing if you are wearing a proper jacket and summer on the lakes might be unforgettable too.

Senate Square at night in Helsinki, Finland


Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. The place I was born and not so many people have encountered yet. As we got Euro few years ago the prices are going up. But also we are having new hotels, many cultural events, cosy clean city that is prepared for tourism. So my recommendation is to visit it before it gets too touristic and loses all authentical spirit with narrow streets, local restaurants and its own history. Because Vilnius was a capital of Grand Duchy of Lithuania that was a biggest empire in Europe in XIV century. So trust me – it has special spirit.

Panorama of Vilnius from the hot air balloon

So go get your tickets and we will see each other at some of the destinations. 🙂


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