How to travel if you do not have money for that?


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I am just like you. I always want to travel but not always have money to do that. But if you really want something – everything is possible! As a wanderlust was in me since forever I was looking for opportunities to travel cheap. The best way is to get into some program and get scholarship – especially when you are a student or younger than 30 years old. There are so many projects, volunteering services, work and travel programs and so on. The only thing you need is to wish to participate and move your ass. And of course to know things – that’s what I will try to do now. Give you brief information of your opportunities in this beautiful world. There is always a way to do what you want. 😉
You were born for more than just study, eat, sleep, work and die.

  1. Erasmus+ – study exchanges, internships and many more things to do while studying. My Erasmus exchange in Germany. My internship in Canary islands.
  2. European Union sponsored projects. An opportunity to learn and meet new people in Europe.
  3. Work and travel programs – you go to a country and you work during the summer so that later you can go for traveling. My story of work and travel.
  4. Volunteering services – you get shelter, food and even some pocket money for living and helping people or businesses abroad. Trust me – this will broaden your mind.

So now it’s time to choose what you wanna do next and ACT. Nothing will happen if you just stay home. If you need more inspiration it might be useful to read about it. If you need more information or personal tips – contact me!



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