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Vasa ship was built in 1628 in Stockholm. It was ordered by king Gustav II Adolf from Vasa dynasty, to show off his power to enemies and locals. It had more than 400 statues! So when it was finished no one knew if it will sail as at that time there were not many rules how to make a ship. Sadly, the 10th of August 1628 the ship sank after 15 minutes of its first and last trip. Most of the people survived as it was so close to the shore. So it stayed in the bottom of the Baltic sea for 333 years until it was found and brought up to the daylight.

What to expect in the Vasa museum

Nowadays, this is the best preserved, biggest ship from XVII century. It is amazing to see how scientists managed to find what colours was the boat painted. It was brighter than you could think. With lions symbolising the power of the king, coat of arms of Vasa family and Sweden, statues of soldiers and many other figures.

In the museum you can find out more about life on the boat, how battle was going on, what kind of colorants were used to make ship very bright and other interesting stuff.

Entrance in the end of 2017 was 130 kr (~13eur) and it includes a short guided tour of the museum. Check the hours before getting – it will happen every hour or every two hours depending on the season.

Fun fact from my perspective… This boat was built by Polish oak and that time Lithuania and Poland was the same country. And first think this ship would have done – attacked Lithuania – Poland country. So if not this ship being so fancy that it even sank on the first day, today Lithuanian- Poland lands would look different. 🙂

Let me know if you enjoyed the museum same as I did. 🙂


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