Volunteering – a cheap and interesting way to see the world and help to make it a better place


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Have you ever felt like you want to be a part of something bigger? To help someone? Or maybe you just want to help yourself to become a better person? The one that saw more than just your back garden? Or just to use an opportunity to enjoy your free trip to somewhere and paying off with your work? Then you should definitely do a volunteering service.
When you decide that you wanna do that, you need to find out what volunteer work you will do. Also, where you want to go? I would recommend to choose multiple destinations and send many emails, because it might be not so fast to find an open good position. Most of the times the company or family will provide you with the place to stay, food and sometimes even pocket money. You can save them for your later travels 🙂

Some ideas where you can look for volunteering projects and services:

  1. European Volunteering service (EVS) – Helps young people to participate in volunteering projects. If you are from Europe, 18-30 years old – go ahead and look for your all opportunities 🙂
  2. Volunteer match website can help you to find a volunteering position in all over the world. It should work great in USA area 😉 It is very easy to use – just type the place and cause where you wanna work and the system will give you all possible places to go.
  3. Goabroad is also a great website to look for volunteering work. Also you can apply for different programs like language learning abroad or training. You can fill the form and they will help you to choose 😉
  4. Idealist.org – I love this website because of the search system. Just choose what you want to do – go for volunteering or internship or..? You can choose duration, region and what are you want to work. And then just apply for it.
  5. Hand on network can also help you to find your volunteer service. It is a website of the Points of light institute that helps people to find volunteering and other projects. Try it out 😉

So here are just some of the examples where can you look for the volunteering service. I hope it will be helpful.

Another thing you should know – many of these services are actually not free. There are some program fees that depends on the country you go, the length and so on. You will get a place to stay, food, insurance (you can fix your teeth for free ;D), and even pocket money. Some programs cover flights and other expenses like visa, some don’t. So read all about the program you want to apply carefully and go after your dream!
Share the experience or questions in the comments – I am interested in personal experiences ;)))


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