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As I am Lithuanian, I know what is Latvia – our closest neighbors in all meanings 🙂 Probably for you it is just one of 3 Baltic countries. So in this article I want to share what I saw in Latvia the last time I have visited it. Trust me – there are more things to do in there than just Riga.

Short road trip with family to Latvia

What can be a better idea than to go abroad when you have only 2 days off. And your parents too. So the idea was again really spontaneous – just the way I like it. So we decided to go to Latvia. BTW, Riga is less than 300 km away from Vilnius. But we decided to stay in Salaspils – 30 km from Riga and take better hotel for the price of regular one in Riga. So we booked the one on the Dauguva river in a calm area.
So what did we do? We have enjoyed a calm town of Salaspils, we went to Ikškile, Ogre and other cities around. It is so much more interesting to look how people live when I am abroad 😀
Next morning we got breakfast with the river view – so relaxing. Then we visited the National Botanical garden as my parents are just crazy about gardening. But I have to admit, it is nice to walk in a park with many roses, lilies and other flowers I have no idea what the names are.

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Another place that you can not miss when you travel to Latvia is Rundale palace. You do not need to travel all the way to Versailles, to see a French gardens and beautiful palace. It is close to Bauske city and it is only 30 km from Lithuanian – Latvian border. Really easy to find. We were doubting should we go to the palace or just to the garden. I think we have chosen correctly – took a short route of the palace and a garden. To my surprise the palace exhibition was really interesting, or it is just me that I like history. Especially the neighbor country. With all nice dancing halls and fancy rooms. For me is always interesting to compare how royalty used to live. I mean they were so rich and what? It was still a bit crazy to live during that time.
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Ok so after palace we went out to the garden – just stunning. It is a French style, so it is symmetric and perfectly made. All trees are cut, flowers growing next to the palace – such a nice place to walk. Also, I saw a Chinese style building and got really exited – when I got there it was a W.C. Not so interesting after all 😀
On the way home it is possible to check the Bauska castle as it is newly rebuilt and looks also really nice.
What else is worth seeing in Latvia that we didn’t go this time?

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Of course Riga – the capital of the country. Also Jurmala – a seaside town close to Riga. If you want to go for vacation then it is better to go to Pape or Liepaja beaches – they are really calm.
For people that wants an extreme – Sigulda is the place for a bungee jumping. Probably this is the reason we didn’t go there, as I would never do that. But just for you to know 😀 Actually Sigulda is famous not for a bungee jumping but for Turaida castle – and this is more worth visiting. I was there when I was little, so I just remember the legend about the girl that was imprisoned in the tower. Such a surprise 😀 But Sigulda is definitely worth visiting if you are going to Tallinn’s   direction. To do a Baltic countries on one trip is really more and more popular.
A possible route for a Baltic trip – Vilnius – Kaunas – the Hill of Crosses (next to Šiauliai) – Rundale palace – Riga – Sigulda – Tallinn – (Helsinki if you want to as it is really expensive and not so historical).

Good luck finding new places in the world 😉
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