Welcome to Brazil – Rio is calling!


Be careful what you wish for! Dreams are really coming true!

I wanted to run from the winter and easiest thing to do – go to the other side of the world! Brazil is amazingly big country with a huge diversity of nature, people, food… So this time let’s talk about Rio de Janeiro!

Landing in Rio in the mid December… Getting out of the airport and feeling like there is no air. So humid and hot even in the evening! Big shock for the body. But that is what I wanted – summer in the middle of the winter.

Safety in Rio

Before going there I heard so many scary stories how not safe is it in Brazil and especially Rio. Even friend that picked us up was so paranoid! Like, no walking anywhere, only car. No public events or places with many people and so on… So I felt the real danger and it is hard to enjoy when you are waiting to be stabbed. Literally…

So that was the first impression. But after few days I realised that is safer than it looks. You just need to stay in ‘’rich’’ areas, don’t walk at night alone (especially if you are girl), but uber is so cheap! You can get it anytime, anywhere… For 3-5 eur you can go few km easily. I do not recommend to go to favelas (poor people places), they are ready for anything for money… If you go, you should go with a tour or at least locals and do not show fancy stuff you have. If you go to the beach – don’t leave your things unattended! And better always keep an eye on them. 🙂

Things to do in Rio de Janeiro

Rio offers a lot! It is a really beautiful city as it had not typical hills, ocean with amazing beaches, natural parks and interesting neighbourhoods. Of course you must visit the Christ the Redeemer. It is not only one of the new wonders of the world but also the view from there is magnificent. Actually there are even better places for the view – sugar loaf hill. You have a different perspective of the city and it is also amazing. If you are interested in nature you should visit the botanical garden. They tried to plant the original plants from this region. As a lot of nature was destroyed in order to build cities and just sell wood to Europe.

One favela that is safe to go to party is Lappa. Almost any day there are various parties going on, streets are full with people, street food and caipirinhas for 2 eur 0.5l! And you see how they make it. One of it is enough for whole night. 😀

So stay safe and enjoy your trips to Rio!

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