What is stopping you from traveling?


When we look around us we realize that traveling is a big deal nowadays. It was never so easy and cheap to travel. Of course, there are people that they just do not like it. It is all good with that. But I want to talk what is stopping people that likes traveling, or they want to try to do this. Everyone is different. You can give yourself million reasons why you are perfectly stuck in your comfort zone and there is just no way to leave it. But behind all those excuses “when I will save enough money”, “when I will finish school/work/university”, “when I will be ready”, “I just can’t leave everything behind”, “when/if….” there are deeper meaning. You really need an inspiration, don’t you?  How many of you have these excuses to stay comfortably on the couch and continue watching TV even though you would like to travel? What is holding you back?


Everyone is afraid of something and that is just great. Especially when you overcome those fears. So what might scare you? If you are afraid that someone will steal your passport or you will get in the accident, think where do you live and this might happen any day anywhere. When talking about traveling – do not go to very dangerous places, start easy, also check out on internet about the country you are going.

Many people are scared of obscurity. But you never know what will happen next! That is all fun of it. If you are still scared – plan your trip well. Book hotels, download maps and read tips about the places you want to go.
All the boundaries are only in our heads and we are the ones to control it. So no one can help you unless you want to overcome those fears yourself. Go, do, travel, see and after it you will see that it was totally worth it.



Why do we always have this idea that you need a lot of money to travel? How much money do we actually need to start traveling? 0. Nothing. Zero Euros. Seriously. You need passion and willingness to do it. For transport use hitch hiking, for sleeping – couch surfing, go to free sights, ask food from host. OK, 0 is too little probably but that is just example that it is possible. You can choose how much do you want to spend. If you find a good travel deal, book a hostel in advance, eat food from supermarkets or cheap restaurants – you can have real experiences. Also, you can work while traveling – that is good if you want to leave for longer so you do not need to have many savings before. So choose where you want to go and do it. You can start with the bus trip to the neighbor country for a weekend. It all starts with a small steps.



Since childhood we hear that career is such an important thing. You must have good grades so later you can make a good career. And here we go, the time for it has come and you just want to leave and travel for some time? It might seem as a difficult task but it is not so difficult after all. Especially that nowadays traveling experience is also worth mentioning when trying to get a job. So you can always get that dream job later. And you will say to me ” but you can always travel later”. That is also true – but what do you prioritize? If career is everything for you and you do not want to travel at all it is just great. But if you are struggling about it then just go, travel, come back and have your life as you wanted but also you will have great memories.

Dependence on someone

If you have a close person to you, or close group of friends or you are really attached to your family it might be a reason why you do not travel for a longer time. But hey, you do not have to leave them for 5 years! You do not have to leave them at all! It is even more fun to travel with friends and the loved ones. 🙂 So in this case you should plan a short 1-3 weeks trip and invite them to go with you. You will all have fun and you will get your “traveling dose”. Until a week after the trip when you will start planing the next one. 😀


Boundaries in your mind

So whatever doubt you have – it is all in your head. And only you can take those doubts from there. First thing – you have to decide what you want to do and if you are still afraid it is fine! Just read other people stories, get inspired, find where you want to go, plan you trip and go! No one can tell you what you should or should not do. You decide how your future will look like and only you are responsible for that.
I also needed to face my fears, especially to start traveling alone. There were so many moments when I just wanted to quit, but then after the trip I was so grateful that I didn’t.
“Just do it” and you will not be able to stop. 😉 You might need some ideas how to start if you don’t have money.


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