What should you know before traveling to Macedonia? History, food, expenses and much more


Tips about Macedonia

  1. First thing I wanna tell you – do not be afraid to go there – it is beautiful and interesting. If you think that in Macedonia there is nothing to see – I would not agree. Culture. History. Food. Nature. Mountains. Lakes. And much more that I liked in there.
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  2. Expect Alexander the great to be a big thing in Skopje and all the country. But remember the fact that during that time it was actually Greece. I do not want to talk political things so if you are interested you can read it here.
  3. Skopje is a Disney land for adults. Since 2008 there have been built so many new buildings, statues, bridges. So you will see so many statues and when I say many I mean MANY. When I was standing in the city center and I looked around I counted more than 60 statues around. On the bridges, on the promenade, on roofs and even in the river.
  4. In Skopje there is the biggest Turkish Bazaar in Balkans. And it is very nice to go there, great atmosphere, nice restaurants and restaurants with cozy streets. Do not miss it when in Skopje.
  5. Ohrid – a beautiful resort city next to a big Ohrid lake. I was in the end of September and weather was still great, but in the winter it would be pretty empty. If you have a chance – stay closer to the lake for two reasons – beautiful views and easier to reach the city. In the city there are 365 churches – one for each day so be sure to visit at least few of them. Must do – Sveti Jovan Kaneo church with the beautiful views. From that it is a good idea to take a boat to the city for 5 Eur.
  6. The food is great. So go for it, try it and enjoy it. They have an amazing salad, feta cheese, Pita and other things.
  7. You must try Macedonian wine too. Even though you can not find Macedonian wine in your home country shops but it does not mean it is bad. You can get a really good wine for 2-3 Eur for 1 liter.
  8. You can not buy alcohol after 7 pm or 9 pm, depends on the season. So plan what are your plans. Or just go to a bar – also cheap and fun 😉
  9. It is very cheap. But of course, you have to be careful for scams as in all the world. You are a tourist and everyone wants to take advantage. But still, for 5 Eur you can have a great dinner. For 1,5 – 2 Eur you can get a local beer in any bar.
  10. Macedonia is very rich in nature. So it would be a sin to be in Skopje and do not visit Canyon Matka. It is big artificial lake in the mountains. In there you can rent a kayak and do kayaking in a beautiful place. Also you can go to the caves by boat. You can hike to monasteries or just next to the canyon. More info in my story about trip in Macedonia.
  11. You will definitely see more if you rent a car and have a short or long road trip in the country. You will see more of the nature, local people life, hidden spots and national parks. Just keep in mind that there are road tolls but you pay less than 1 Eur in each. And also country has mountains so check which road is best for you before going 😉 Where to rent a car? It was a big question for me too, but then I found this company Inter ways and it was all good. You can see there cars in here.

If you want to read my story about trip in Macedonia – here you go 😉


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