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This travel in USA story is long so I divided it in few posts:  San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon.
So here we continuing with Los Angeles – the city of Angels.

Los Angeles

To rent a car and go along the coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles is still on my bucket list, because this time we took a Mega bus overnight. But if you have a chance to drive there – do it, it is really amazingly beautiful. So our bus arrived in LA at 7 am, and to our surprise, a guy from Couch-surfing said that he will pick us up. I was suspicious and didn’t believe that will happen. But to my surprise they came and at 8 am they were like “do you wanna go to hall of fame? Hollywood sign? We were like of course! We saved so much time because to go to those places on our own would have taken hours. As LA is huge city! Really. And it is not so easy to move around. I would say for me LA was not something special, but it is nice to put a check of important places in the world. 😀 We were staying at Venice beach, that is a very nice area. Many Latino people live there (my host was originally from Ecuador). So during the days we just went to the beach, also rented bikes to drive around.

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One day trip to the Pink Mountains

Also my dream was to rent a car and drive on the coast at least somewhere. And one day I saw this article about the “Pink Mountain”. Somewhere in the mountains 100 km north of LA. Perfect destination when you want a small road trip. Another great thing was that we had a chance to just stop on the way and take pictures or just have a walk. We also stopped in the legendary Santa Barbara city, went on the beach and continued the trip. GPS lost signal when we went higher to the mountains so we just started to ask people. They never heard of anything like that (because a real pink mountain is in Canada), so we ended up in a harmony park. It is very peaceful place for meditation, but we just enjoyed beautiful sunset (we made it like 5 min before sunset). It was challenging to drive down the mountain in the dark and in LA with 6 lanes that goes to one directions. That was first time driving in such a busy city. You live and learn – that is why traveling is a great thing.

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I preferred this kind of experience than to be stuck in the traffic in the city.  After few days in LA it was time to say goodbye to our hosts that were super nice. To make it even more sad my friend had to fly back to Lithuania. And I took another mega bus and went on a road again.

Next is Las Vegas – the city of lights.


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