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When you think that you do not have money and you need months of work to save to travel there might be a solution for you!
What about you save some money in your home country –> apply for work and travel program –> go work abroad and earn more –> spend it on seeing the world. 🙂

This is exactly what I did when I wanted to see USA but didn’t have enough money to go on vacation there. It was a great experience that you can read it in a post “My work and travel USA”.

So who can apply and how it all works?

First of all you have to be a student. You know, they are afraid that you will just stay there forever if you do not have studies back at home. 🙂 The program takes time during the summer – 3 months you work and 1 month you can travel. There are many countries you can go to work summer jobs. Mostly in customer service, the seasonal works that you do not need to have a lot of experience. Most of the time you will get a minimum hourly salary that varies with the state that you are going. But for example 9 USD/hour is not bad, right? In different countries are different salaries.

So what should you do? Find out where do you want to go!

1. Work and travel USA – probably the most popular and most known of these programs. As it is not so easy to get a work permit unless you are a student and you are coming with a J-1 visa. It is a great way to learn about USA culture, see destinations that you were dreaming to visit because you saw on your favorite TV show or you are just like me. I wanted to go there to check it out myself – it is better one time to see than 10 to listen about it. 😉
2. Work and travel UK – a lot of Europeans and not only are going to UK to work as it is a really high salary (compared to eastern Europe). You can work mostly in hotels and restaurants during the summer season.
3. Work and study Australia – this one is a little bit expensive. But if you have a chance to save money before you go – trust me it will pay back. As for an easy job you will receive 15-20 AUD/hour. And of course not only with money but with experience, new friends and much more. As you can see the program is also about studying so you need to pay for studies and that is why the program is so expensive. You will need around 4000 – 5000 Eur for it. Depends what you want to study and for how long you want to go.
4. Work and travel Spain/ Cyprus/ Greece/ Italy and other southern countries. They offer summer jobs in restaurants and hotels and gives a minimum salary also. But it is fun and interesting experience and also a great weather all the summer. 😉
5. Work and travel Canada. Opportunity to go there for 1 year, work, save and travel.

P.S. In every country there are different agencies that are working with these programs. Once you decided where to go, I suggest you to look up for one in your country and contact them. In Lithuania you can contact East west consulting.


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